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TR is usually a solid starter and I was considering playing it as a deadeye now that we’ve seen the rework. My thought process is that TR does well with attack speed so getting tailwind on league start seems nice. 3 mirage archers is pretty sweet since TR already uses MA for single target but we’ll have to see how the detached MA’s work for clear. I’m hoping that having 3 MA’s in that multi-boss arena will help melt them down with TR and help with damage uptime when I can’t sit and spam TR myself. For when I am spamming TR myself, the gale force buff of 3% less damage taken per gale force (so up to 30% less after 10 actions since you were last hit) will be a nice damage mitigation layer on top of wind dancer, and later on maybe Kintsugi.

If there is some misguided thoughts in that, let me know, but my main questions are below:

1) Is the extra projectile as good for TR overlap as it seems? Most TR people use dying sun so I have to assume the extra projectile is good (the AOE from dying sun is nice too, but not nice enough for a whole flask slot). I’ve read a bit on it and it seems like the more AOE you have and the more projectiles you have, the more likely pods will overlap and cause their DOT effect on the target simultaneously. Since endless munitions uses to give 50% AOE, the extra proj might not even make up for that. I don’t know. If it’s a lot worse, the ascendancy didn’t really gain much for TR besides the MA stuff which isn’t even a sure thing if it’s good.

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2) I’ve played TR twice as a pathfinder which is great sustain for long boss fights. What is the best way to sustain in a deadeye TR setup? I assume leech will be lackluster with minimal hit damage. Regen doesn’t really come naturally over there but I love having a good amount of it. Maybe enduring cry?

3) I’m thinking about incorporating a lot of enemy slowing mechanics for these boss fights. TR’s hinder, skitter bot’s chill, and then running Temp Chains (and despair) somehow. I might path up to those curse nodes since there is DOT multi nearby. Are there a lot of map bosses that are immune to slow that would make this pointless?

Thank you all for any help you can provide! If you just have ideas about a TR variant tangential to this idea, I’d love to hear about it!


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