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TR into BV skill tree ?

Content of the article: "TR into BV skill tree ?"

So even though I expect nerfs coming for both TR and BV, I've been messing around a bit.
I did a TR leveling and it was really simple and efficient. I did a BV leveling and it was a bit clunky even after getting Unleash (it gets better with some levels in Unleash + the increased skill effect duration nodes)

So my idea is to start with TR, put BV + unleash and PB + AoE in a second weapon set as soon as I can get them to level them, and make the actual switch at the Blood Aqueduct.

Here's the potential tree evolution

1 – The idea is to kinda rush Master Fletcher (it speeds up the leveling quite a bit)
2 – Getting some nodes that work with both skills
3 – Some defense
4 – Some more nodes before the Normal Lab (as TR doesn't scale really well with Poison, do I delay Noxious Strike to get Mistwalker first ?)
5 – Some more nodes including life
6 – Here after Cruel Lab (picking up Mistwalker or Noxious Strikes if I delayed it) and going to Blood Aqueduct I respec out of the TR stuff into the increased skill effect duration and Fatal Toxins, and make the switch to BV
7 – Eldritch Battery to fit another aura
8 – Life for maps
After that I start making some currencies and ultimately will spec into some cluster jewels.

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So do you think it would work ?
I actually did a leveling 2 days ago with the same idea to go TR into BV but I rushed the necessary nodes (Fatal Toxins and Toxic Strikes) to switch to BV right after Normal Lab + Unleash which wasn't the smartest idea I ever had because even though I wasn't totally wrong (TR is so good that even with 11 dex nodes it was still good) when I made the switch to BV it didn't feel good and I had to respec to get the nodes in "2 -" instead of Toxic Strikes.
That's why the idea is to not rush the switch and wait for Blood Aqueduct to have a solid build already.
And that's also why I don't really want to do another leveling now lol


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