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Trauma-stacking J U G G (100-200 stacks)

Hey everyone!

I recently posted a proof of concept for a trauma-stacking Juggernaut that I have been working on.

I finally finished it up and wanted to share it.

While /u/Mathils did post something

recently, this takes the Trauma stacking a bit further.

To start off, some notable highlights:

Tanking Shaper slam and beam

Disco life globe vs Drox

Ramping damage on a Synthesis boss

An expedition logbook

The ultimate self-harm

The pros of the build are:

– Ramping damage (if you are into that), from ~5 mil at 100 stacks, ~10 mil at 150 stacks, and ~25 mil at 200 stacks.

– High life regen (realistically ~25k per sec)

– High survivability (90% physical damage reduction, 66% up time on Immortal Call, Fortify)

The cons of the build:

– Ramping damage… Starting out on a boss can be painful – Same goes for mapping

– Ramping life regen

– Struggles with a lot of map mods – No (mana) leech, no regen, No stun, -res (as we facetank a lot), to name some

– Risk of suicide if you get unlucky with incoming hits when ramped too high

My verdict:

– This is more like a vanity build. If you like the concept, and the playstyle of a bruiser, the build feels really cool, BUT

– It does not do high-end bossing very well. I have done Shaper etc., but failed to do The Hidden, as the ramp up is just too slow for such a high pace boss fight..

Right – If you are still around, lets get to how the build works:

– Divergent Boneshatter gives 1% attack speed per trauma stack at 20% quality

– Using Enhance and Dialla's Malefaction we can push the gem to 60% quality, which then gives 3% attack speed per stack

– Each Trauma stack counts as a buff for the purpose of Mantra of Flames

– Our stacks now each give 4% more damage (from a lvl 20 Boneshatter), 3% increased attack speed, and 5-12 added flat fire damage, so all we need is to S T A C C

– Trauma stacks have a base duration of 6 seconds, which is extended with various sources of skill effect duration to ~18 seconds

– Using a Brightbeak, with a base APS of 2.1, we can reach around 150 stacks on average, giving us 600% more damage, 450% AS, and 750 to 1500 flat fire damage, which is pretty decent.

– Problem: We now take 150 * 256 = 38.4k physical damage every time we hit. With 150 stacks, we have ~15 APS, which means we take 38.4k * 15 = 576k physical damage per second…

– Solution: The massive skill effect duration lets us have permanent uptime on Enduring Cry and a high uptime on Immortal Call. Using Warcy Buff effect from passives and a Crusader shield, the buff from Enduring Cry makes each endurance charge give +3% physical damage reduction. In combination with the Unrelenting Juggernaut ascendancy node, each endurance charge now give 8% physical damage reduction.

– We achieve 80% physical damage reduction with 10 endurance charges (3 base + 3 from tree + 1 from ascendancy + 2 from rings + 1 from warlord boots). We get the remaining 10% from a Warlord amulet, and the Gruthkul pantheon.

– We further reduce the damage taken using Fortify (20% less) (from a corrupted Brightbeak or support gem), and Arctic Armour (13% less). This results in 0.1*0.8*0.87 = 7% physical damage.

– As a result we "only" take 576k*0.07 = 4k physical damage per second. This is reduced even further whenever Immortal Call is up.

– Using the Unbreakable Juggernaut Ascendancy node, we get 15% of physical damage prevented as life regen (when we average out each regen instance). We prevent 576k * 0.93 = 535.7k physical damage each second, meaning we get 535.7k * 0.15 = 80k life regen (After sustaining 150 stacks for 10 seconds).

The rest is history, and can be seen in the PoB .

Note that the Mantra of Flames interaction with Trauma stacks does not work in PoB, and has thus been hard-coded into the Dialla's Malefaction.

Hope you enjoyed this write up, although it got a bit long.

If you are interested in running the build, or have suggestions for improvements, let me know.


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