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UPDATE 9/19 League Launch Lunch for GGG – Update on funding and current status.

Content of the article: "UPDATE 9/19 League Launch Lunch for GGG – Update on funding and current status."

First of all, I want to say THANK YOU! I got some support the last time I did this for Harvest, but did not expect the gigantic outpouring of support, both in terms of donations and the general vocal support of doing something nice for GGG employees (they are mostly people I am told).

If you didn't see the original post check it out HERE

Funding Status:
We raised $975 out of the $700 that I set as a goal. This is enough to both buy a nice meal for the GGG staff that works on launch day, as well as give a few hundred bucks to some local charities. I still have the funding page open, as anything that's not spent on food will go to charity. I will keep it open until the end of September, so if you want to wait and see how much you like the league you can do that.
This is the Donation Link.

Finally a status update on the lunch itself. Currently Auckland is on a Level 2 lockdown with restrictions (last I checked). This means that GGG cannot have shared food, and cannot all gather in their break area. Unless things change in the immediate future, my normal plan of a catered brunch is not feasible. I am exploring options such as individual lunch boxes. I do NOT want to violate or stretch either the New Zealand restrictions nor GGG's own policies with regard to the pandemic, so I won't push back on what is communicated to me.

If I cannot provide food on launch day, I will try to do it soon afterwards based on the city's status. If I cannot provide a meal with this funding by the end of October, I will donate the entire amount to the local charities mentioned in the original post.

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Again, I want to say thank you to everyone who commented, donated, or reached out regarding the last post. I'm currently running a different charity drive not involving POE, so I've been spending time and energy on that, but I did want to provide an update to the community here as we are quickly approaching the league start.


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