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USC – Brimstone Halo – The Aurastacker Helm

Goal was to make the best +4, elevated reduced reservation helm in the league. I know this has to compete with the synthesis base aura stacker helm that has 15% aura effect implicit so I wanted to approach from a different angle because the existing one is nearly impossible to beat from the same angle. I noted that as a synthesized base, it couldn't have both +2 aura AND reservation which are both Essence mods. Furthermore, the reservation is capped at -5% from the essence.

How it was done:
1. Buy an ilvl 86+ hubris base with either % reduced Hatred/Zealotry/Wrath reservation enchant and redeemer orb it.
2. Buy out the market for Essence of Deliriums and spam for the less than 1% chance of T1 reservation. Because of the cost of essences and the such a small chance, hitting T1 was actually worth trying to double maven rather than rolling past it for T1.
3. Once the +2 Aura / T1 reservation mod was hit along side another random suffix, needed to 1/3 chance the removal of the suffix via annulment/ remove suffix add prefix beast craft
4. After successfully clearing the last suffix, beast craft on Aspect of the Avian to finalize the 3rd suffix and block off the last suffix spot for the next step.
5. Use Harvest craft: 'Reforge an item, keeping all suffixes' to make room for at least 1 prefix.
6. Benchcraft "Suffixes cannot be changed" into the open prefix slot and harvest craft: "Reforge an item with cold mods." Because no suffixes are open and a cold mod has to be forced on, it forces on "% physical damage taken as cold damage" which is the other influence mod we need to maven.
7. Maven orb hoping for elevated reservation. Repeat steps 3-7 until you do.
Suffixes are now done

  1. Bench craft on "Suffixes cannot be changed" and then Harvest craft "Reforge an item with defense mods more common".
  2. 9a. If the result of the reforge is 3 prefixes, harvest craft "Reforge an item, keeping all suffixes" until its not 3 mods and go back to step 8.
    9b. If the result is just bad defense only tags, bench craft "Prefixes cannot be changed" and harvest craft it with "Reforge an item with mods types much more common". This resets to step 9
    9c. If the result is multiple tags (IE life/defense hybrid) return to step 8.
    9d. If the result is 1-2 acceptably high tier defense mods (usually flat ES and or % ES), can move on to step 10.
  3. Aisling Tier 4 slam the item.
  4. 11a. If you now have 3 prefixes and the veil result doesn't offer +2 AOE gems/AOE effect, harvest craft "Reforge an item, keeping all suffixes". Return to stop 8.
    11b. If you now have 2 prefixes and the veil result doesn't offer +2 AOE. Bench craft "Suffixes cannot be changed" and annul.
    11b1. If you annul off "suffixes cannot be changed", recraft it and repeat
    11b2. If you annul off the Aisling mod, return to step 10.
    11b3. If you annul off the tier 1 Defense mod, return to step 8.
    11c. You are offered +2 AOE, take it and move on.
  5. 12a. If you have 3 prefixes, divine until perfect. Vorici T4 until 4 white sockets. Hillock Tier 4 Fortification for 30% qual.
    12b. If you have 2 prefixes, divine until perfect. Bench craft highest tier flat ES or % es depending what is available until perfect. Vorici T4 until 4 white sockets. Hillock Tier 4 Fortification for 30% qual.
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All done!


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