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[Valdo’s Best] Loot from 344 T10 Ashen Woods + Metamorphs; Final summation, breakdowns, Harvest spawns, and a suggestion after 2072 Valdo maps this league.

Total profits for those that don't want to read a boring wall of text: 51.96ex

Total time to run the maps: 11.6 hours = ~29.6 maps per hour = ~2.02mn per map = 4.48ex/h

And no I didn't run this in 1 sitting, I'm not that insane, this was spread over the course of 3 days so time played per day is far from crazy actually.

Why 344 Ashen Woods? Why not 340, or 350? That's how many it took me to level up from 0% lvl97 to 98, I was curious how many maps it's going to take me so I just ran them and tracked them until I leveled up. The total amount of maps ran would've been notably smaller since I died 2 times, once on 6% xp by not reading elemental reflect (my fault), 2nd time on 93% by game crash in the middle of Harbingers (not my fault). Therefore, these maps were enough to grind out 116% xp on level 97 for those curious about xp gains. Aside from hitting 98 like this, my goal was also to finally hit the 2k mark for how many Valdo's maps I've ran these league, so it was basically 2 birds with 1 stone.

Why in the world would I run Metamorph? I don't know, I heard some people reporting good results with Metamorphs so I figured I'll run them and track how many maps I got Tane and what the Metamorphs dropped.

Why not Canyon? Because I already ran a few hundred of them, and I'm quite frankly bored of the map. Besides, I was planning to run a 200-300 of the same map in 1 go, Ashen Woods wins here because it's a dark map, opposed to Canyon which after 2-3 hours becomes way too bright for me. Once done, I ended up realizing that I enjoyed AW's layout much more than Canyons. Finally to end the useless back story, buckle up for some shitty formatting.

Strategy & map rolling

Alch and go, that's it. Preroll 18 (6×3), because prerolling more than 18 in a tab that holds 72 of them felt kind of awkward, ctrl f to check for mods you avoid, in my case #% for mobs to avoid elemental ailments and elemental reflect, run 18, repeat. Running the map itself, locate the Harbingers, kill them, loot the shards, port out, repeat.

Juicing: absolutely none as it's wasteful for this. No sextants, no master missions, no scarabs, nothing but good ol' alchs and occasional scours.

Atlas setup

x2 Watchstones in Valdo's Rest, 1 Auspicious Platinum, 1 T1 Laden's Platinum, 4 watchstones each in other regions, T10 Ashen Woods favorited x3. The sustain is pretty good, I setup the stones, bought 10 AWs, and was able to self sustain maps for the following 334 maps, and I still have another 30ish left.

Why no juice, why no Harbinger scarabs and why Laden's over Harbinger's Watchstone?

I hate juicing maps because you often spend more time preparing & looting than actually playing the game, and I feel like Valdo's Harbingers work better when you spam them as fast as possible, opposed to setting up juiced maps that are going to take much more time and where Harbingers aren't your main focus nor source of profit. If I wanted to do that, I'd farm a T16 in some other region.

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Why not Harbinger's stone and scarabs? Because the Harbingers spawned by these two are separate from the ones spawned by Diplomatic Escort & Omnious Arrival Valdo nodes, they do get affected by Laden's and Auspicious but spawn separately from the big pack, so often times you'll miss them meaning they spawned for no reason.

Loot filter

If you plan on farming these, a good loot filter tailored for Harbingers is essential to make the whole experience much less tedious and much more enjoyable. My loot filter only shows Ancient Shards, Annul shards, Harbigner shards, all in different colors and minimap icons so I can easily click them and never miss them. This time to test it out I enabled chaos shards but only the x3 stacks to show up, not really much but in the end added up to a solid chunk of chaos. Aside from that, regular Uber Strict filter, no rares, no uniques, no 6s, no lower tier currency, it's not like I'm missing out on white mob drops in a tier 10 map or anything.


Ended up being somewhat decent honestly, could've ran the maps without them and save some time, but I don't regret running them either. In the end I made a solid chunk of currency from them. It only changed the way I run the maps, instead of just Harbingers then port out, if Tane spawned I'd full clear real quick for all the ograns, then assemble a Metamorph with all the offered organs that drop additional currency.

I ran Intrinsic Darkness & High Yield nodes. I also had the Repeated Experiment allocated for double assembly but rarely used this one since after the 1st Metamorph I was usually left with non-currency organs which I didn't see a point in doing.

In the 344 total AW maps, I had 76 Metamorph encounters roughly a 22.09% natural spawn rate meaning that a little in over 1 in 5 maps had one, although it wasn't as consistent, since some times I had Metamorphs encounters 2-3 times in a row, then 5-6 maps without one.

Here is a picture of all the good organs that I dropped, I had a few more from Lord of the Ashen (AW Map), but only highlighted the ones with currency drops (number of them have double even triple currency). Later in the post when I showcase total profits I'll also show the total amount of dropped Catalysts.

Harbingers themselves finally

Here is the tab with all the currency dropped on this AW venture, I chose to breakdown each currency and value in the screenshot to save words here and make a big wall of text instead of a colossal block of words and numbers.

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Breakdown of a breakdown of profits

Total amount of Ancient Orbs dropped: 119, which makes up ~54.25% of the total profits. Total amount of Exalted orbs farmed & dropped: 15 which make up ~29.41% of the total profits.

Total profit from Metamorphs: 3.77ex which makes up for ~7.39% of the total profits.

Shard drop rates

Total of 119 Ancient Orbs + 4 Shards which translates to 2384 total Ancient Shards, ends up to 6.93 ancient shards per map.

Total of 12ex from shards which is equiv to 240 exalted shards or 1.43 ex shards per map.

Total of 76 Annul orbs & 15 shards which are a total of 1535 shards or 4.46 annul shards per map

Total of 27 Harbinger orbs + 1 shard, 541 total shards or 1.57 harbinger shards per map.

Would estimate how many chaos shards per map but I have absolutely no idea how many chaos came from shards and how many from regular drops.

The AW layout looks weird, how to run it efficiently?

Here's a quick paint job explaining the map layout and my prefered pathing.


I had a total of 6 Harvest spawns, got a few decent augs and r/a, thankfully none were Oshabi. Let's even be generous and say that 1 spawned but I didn't see it because Harbingers spawned at portal. The Harvests spawned on:

  • 60th
  • 65th
  • 79th (imagine this rng while actually running hamlet maps? rigged game.)
  • 141st
  • 162nd
  • 201st map
  • generous assumption there was a 7th spawn that I missed

That should be rougly a 2.03% chance for a natural Harvest spawn.

Why 2k Valdo maps?

Simple. Ritual got boring real fast for me it's basically breach with extra steps and 10 times less rewards(comparing it to pre 831 nerfs breach of course), other regions are all cool in their own way (except Tirn's End, please rework this one) but none are that cool for me to dedicate so much time into them. While Valdo allows me to farm some of my favorite content, the Beachheads, without ever stepping a foot in one lmao. It's obviously not the most profitable thing to do in the game, but it does get the benefit of your profits being raw currency, instead of having to hassle around on a discord server or wait for x big item to sell, all I have to do is exchange ancients for ex from some guy that thinks he's actually going to roll a HH lmao, and that's it, profit on command. It's also nice to have an abundance of annul orbs since harvest can't fix everything, and they look cool.

It all started early in the league as a quick fix for some currency, and quickly ended up being the only thing I did for the following weeks, until today lol. And the best part is, I enjoyed it.

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Finally the suggestion mentioned in the title

While the Valdo's Harbingers are great, it would be stupid of me not to acknowledge their huge flaw, the performance. Not just having experienced it myself, but I constantly got asked from my buddies in poe how can you run that, it runs like shit on my pc (Idk if they think that I was running these on 144fps lmao) and it's not rare to read here on reddit that people avoid these specifically because of the performance.

Now my suggestion isn't hurr durr rewrite engine for Valdo's to run great, my suggestion is to change the design. As they are right now, they are profitable, they are fun, but their implementation is awful. It was a missed opportunity to instead of the current way they're spawned in Valdo, make the node guarantee the area will have a Beachhead portal (the way it's done in Delve Harbinger nodes). Who complains about performance with current Valdo? Literally everyone who tries them. Who complains about performance with Beachhead boss fight? Absolutely no one, the complaints were rare even back in Harbinger league and you only had shitty performance in 6 man parties, which happens with poe on every other content anyways so it's not tied to Harbies.

And before someone mentions it, yes I just noticed that I didn't subtract the rolling cost from total profits. It took me roughly 400ish alchs and 50ish scours to roll all these, which I don't think even accounts to 1.5ex this league so no big deal, still around the 50ex mark.

Also I flaired this as "Information" since nothing else seems fit. I guess this does have a dose of a guide in it, but I think it qualifies for overall information more than for a guide. Not sure why someone would read this whole thing, but congratulations.


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