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Very bad player asking for help

—–EDIT———- Wow, I absolutely have no words. Woke up this morning and saw all the responses, didnt expected so much help. Sadly English is not my mother tongue so don´t have enough words on mind to say THANKS to all to you. You all abolutely made my day, now I have a lot of new info to think about and continue enjoying this game. Really, THANK YOU, you have given a lot of useful information and have now a lot of new ideas. —–END OF EDIT—

Hi! Its a bit embarrasing to write this but…here I am, probably one of the worst PoE players on the entire world.

I am a 40 year old player playing from the beginning, and only playing SSF HC (when it became avaiable). A couple of thousands of hours played. I know I am a masochist but I really like the SSF HC concept and love to level up characters. Just write here to improve my playing.

I think I have two problems, hope someone can help me with them.

1.- Never killed Sirus. Can reach the maps easily, complete all the bonus up to red maps killing conquerors 3 or 4 times max, then usually die on early reds. Probably lack of gear (I have the basics: life, resist, chaos resist, some damage…but need always beefier gear) I put all the stones on map (awakened 3 or 4), then try to complete the other bonus or conquerors but die soon. Right now I am loosing lvl 85 characters in early reds with awakened 3 (I know I cant do reflect maps and try to be careful with others, but always end dying)

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2.- I need to farm. Can do lvl 7 or 8 yellow maps no problem, and (caps here because is important) I CAN DO THEM FOR HOURS. I really enjoy the game. I am planning on doing lvl 7-8 maps and abuse rituals for gear. Should I do those maps non stop until I have very good gear of endgame uniques? Dont know if there is a better way. If there is something specific would be lovely to know (for example, never use scarabs, splinters or such things, just plain maps)

Please remeber I already know I am probably a very bad player, just want some tips to improve.

Thanks lot in advance!

PD: around 5k life (or 6k ES when CI), resist capped (chaos resist positive too, capped when possible), and at least one good mitigation (block, evade, damage reduction, etc)..know the basics but always end dying, usually at awakened 3.


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