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Veteran player – quitting the league after 2 weeks and a mirror

Hi all,
This is my feedback thread, feel free to agree or disagree, but I wanted to write something, as this is the first league in 7.5 years that I'm quitting this early and I skipped 5 leagues in total.

The good

First of all I kind of like the impact of changes to fractured map farming on PoE's economy. I like that more things retain value instead of dropping to 1-2c very rapidly. I think that's more okay for mid-level players who can also pick a their favourite farming strategy and just go for it, and not be outpaced by those who can earn over an exalt per map from fractured farming. For me it was also great because I didn't feel pressured into farming them again. So I rolled a boss killer and decided to focus on that intead.

The bad

Unfortunately the removal of incentive to farm Delirious maps, or rather putting it behind a large trade barrier, means that the cap of strength needed to do almost all content is far lower. I have no incentive to push my character to it's limit and spend 250 Ex on it when I proved to myself that I can farm a mirror on almost the same gear I had on 4th day of the league. The only difference between that point and now was 6-linking my Pledge of Hands, buying a decent (not even Stygian) belt with %increased mana recovery and buying and eventually selling Unnatural Instinct.

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I'm also not the most efficient player in terms of time spent. I take around 9h to reach maps, and I stand a lot in my hideout or AFK.

My other endgame was Harvest and crafting new items just for the sake of having them. But the power level of that was taken away and I fail to understand why. I mean I bought over 30k Defence seeds to finish my items in Harvest (not to mention other ones) and crafted a lot of items in Ritual league. This kept me playing, now? Not so much. Which is kind of great because I don't get a FOMO on the next cool build or next cool farming strategy. I have even more currency this league than previous leagues and faster. What can I use it for? Nothing meaningful. Because T16 maps offer very little challenge, and with the right character so do end game bosses. Heck, I wasn't even caring about my level and ended on 92nd because I didn't need more power for my character.

The ugly

This is the part I think many will disagree with, but I'm going to write it anyway. Chris Wilson boasts how great the itemisation in PoE is. Well I alluded to that in the previous part how I feel about it but to spell it out: why does it matter if you can do most of the game without it?! And why then nerf Harvest if power wise it was not needed anyway? I adjusted accordingly and picked a build that was using a lot of uniques – Ball Lightning Archmage. Just like years ago when easiest things to do was just to pick 5 uniques and fit the rest with resistances and life / ES. This feels like a big step back. The Harvest is not needed for S-tier and A-tier builds at all. But it made me want to play wonky builds or just collect items.

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The parting thought is that I'm actually very happy about this league because I can have a longer break till the next one. See you then.


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