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Visual buff improvement ideas

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– Ignore the crappy msPaint concept art, just get the point of this idea –

These could all be premade buff options to pick from on top of the current classic setup.I'd like the first one, so I can see each my zombies, spectres and golems life instead of having them stacked together without seperate life bars, like we currently do.

You can see 3 active zombies, and the grayed out icons mean you can summon this many more, but haven't yet. Same with golems, but you have a "generic golem" icon, the plus sign (sorry for not being able to make a universal golem icon). You have 2 golems, 2 more that you can summon.

Same for auras, ones you have activated, ones you have only equipped, or can't activate because you lack mana/life. Charge icons also stay up and only fade out when you have 0 charges. This is to reduce the distraction levels of having the whole icon pop up and vanish completely again and again and again which is really annoying. Just let them all be there, I can click them manually on/off how I please, and when I do get charges, only the numbers and brightness changes.

There could be a option to edit the buff icon grid in town.Buffs are grouped together based on their main/sub category. Auras, minions, charges etc. You could move them up, down and sideways to your preference.

Holding any unused key combo related to ctrl/alt/shift keys and left/right clicking on icons would show all gems you have equipped, allow you to hide/show selected ones, and toggle the system to show them on/off. This does not affect if they are on or not, it just hides/shows them.Holding the key combo will always show all gems auras and buffs that you wear, be it on or off,from where on you can adjust which ones you want to show and track, single file or stacked.

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The last image shows minimalistic buff icons.This would be really neat, takes a bit to get used to maybe, but would be superior in ways of not distracting the player, while still showing all your essential buffs, auras, charge durations, minions and their life bar status. SRS and skeleton life bar display going down would be relative to either their life time or actual life, whichever is closer to end/expire.

All these mini icons would ofc be designed properly by an artist, be visually more pleasing, and come in different shapes, forms and colors to help fast recognition.

Would be nice to have a "buff addon" update and just general improvements.Also, if we gain/lose a buff/debuff, could you add a option where we can set a life time for this icon, so even after it expires it leaves a gray ghost version in a lower row, so we can actually mouse over and read it? The current way how buff icons just flood the corner coming and going is absolute insanity, how do you expect anyone in the heat of a fight to mouse over and read anything??

So yeah, this would be nice.

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Why doesn't reddit ever work… I linked the image, uploaded it into this posts second tab and nothing showed up…. sigh. Every time. THANKS FOR THE TWO DOWNVOTES….Jesus christ. People.


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