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What does SSF(HC) gear progression look like?

Content of the article: "What does SSF(HC) gear progression look like?"

I've been really trying to minmax my character, based off my last recent post of feeling the need to reroll a bunch. I've been very happy with my bleed EQ glad, and I feel like I've gotten some pretty decent gear on it for being SSF, as well!

I have 6.9k hp, 75/75 block (if Ive been hit recently), 8.5k armour stationary (no flask, no MS), and -19% chaos res. For reference as to how much I've paid attention to gearing and surviving, really, I usualllllly stop around 150% inc life from tree, and around 5-5k health or so.

I am wondering two things, and I realize none of them have an easy answer so if you want to give me a rule of thumb I'd love it.

1) What does your gear progression look like?

Here's how I gear, or at least try to. Pick up a bunch of items –> Cap res –> get life on gear while maintaining capped res –> get t1/t2 life on all items with capped res –> obtain full elemental avoidance or get chaos res –> get the other of the last one.

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2) How do you achieve your gear progression? Do you multimod? Chaos spam? Fossil craft? Essence craft?

I was trying to think of what a good rule of thumb is, but it's really hard for me to say "this is when you chaos spam. This is when you fossil / essence craft. This is when you alt-aug-regal into multimodding". I can give you three goals: an elder axe, curse on hit ring, a tri-res helmet with t1 or t2 life, and a beefy armour shield as goals. I am 100% sure you can craft a great item eventually with those methods. Its just….how much currency would it take to get there?

I would love to know how to use poedb and craftofexile and whatever resources to answer that question, because… I think the answer lies there. I would love to know the most efficient way to craft a high dps weapon, a beefy shield, a hunters chest for offering, etc.

Because at the moment in SSF, my answer is to throw chaos at it and hope the fuck it works.

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