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What even is a “casual player?” I play more hours than most people here and expect way less in return

I will typically put in 4+ hours a day in PoE for the first 2 weeks of a league (after that, I'll either play more or less depending), and I've been playing for years.

I have never:

  • Killed A8 Sirus
  • Killed Uber Elder
  • Completed The Feared
  • Killed Aul
  • Finished The Cortex
  • "Completed" the Atlas
  • Done any ultra-lucrative Grand Heists
  • Crafted or owned mirror-tier gear
  • Had a build that did more than like 15m DPS
  • Done 36/40 challenges
  • Made more than a total of 40 ex in a single league

And I'm okay with this.

I'm going to preface this by saying that I do think certain things are more of a slog than they need to be at this point, BUT I don't understand this mentality that you should be able to put in casual hours and receive hardcore/tryhard-level rewards — especially when you don't actually need them to complete most of the content. I play the game fairly casually compared to the people tryharding, and I don't expect amazing results for doing this.

Forgive me for using the dreaded "E" word because I think it's abused way too much, but when did people become so entitled? I see this mentality creeping into a lot of genres, including actual competitive ones where players are legitimately angry that they don't stand a chance against the people who spend hours a day studying and tryharding a game. Isn't that sort of the point of anything with any sort of depth?

If you consider yourself a casual player, then why aren't you okay with just being reasonably powerful and killing stuff? 'Cause it sure isn't difficult to get pretty strong in PoE. You don't need to be a god to do any of the content I mentioned above. People have literally cleared everything in the game minus The Feared with like 2 million DPS and budget gear, and you can easily reach the 2-10m DPS mark in like a week or two of casual playing, depending on the build.

I don't burn myself out by trying to reach some arbitrary mark because of FOMO. I play until I get bored, and then I just stop until the next league or the league after that if I feel sufficiently tired of PoE. I will literally ignore entire mechanics for leagues at a time because I just see them all as choices being offered to me. I don't like doing Incursions or Heists for example, so I just don't do them. I let other people do them and trade for the drops they have. I just run the other stuff I like. The game is designed that way, so you're never forced to do everything. To me, the fact that FOMO makes you feel like you need to do everything says more about you than the design of the game because trade partly exists so that you don't have to do the shit you don't want to do.

I see so many people who are upset because they say it takes too long to complete an A8 Atlas or complete all 36 challenges. Who says you need to do any of those things? Who even said that PoE is meant to be a game you can easily 100% every single league? I don't think that's a realistic expectation to have. Nor do I think it would be interesting if you could do it casually in like a week every league. The challenge is there for people who want to invest the time/effort. It is no way a pre-requisite to getting geared, killing shit and having fun running maps with your build.

I have friends who burned themselves out getting 36/40 one league, so what did they do? They took a break for a league or two, or they just played more casually the next league. They didn't go on the subreddit to complain about how the game doesn't respect their time and how they think it needs to be easier, so they can do the same thing again every league. You know why? Because they're usually more casual players. You know, the ones who are supposedly more focused on just having fun and not caring about ultra tryharding the game?


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