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What I learned after almost 2 months of PoE

As a new player coming from some on and off years of diablo3, tired of playing the same game over and over again without anything new in the last 3 years, decided to finally give a try to PoE and holy shit this game is so huge is kinda intimidating ad first. Watched a lot of youtube guide (zizaran, path of Matth), followed builds guides on the site, this game hooked me for good and couldn't stop playing.

It's my first season so I know I still have a lot to learn, but after this 2 months I wanted to share some consideration about the game:

  • the variety of endgames is amazing, you can choose what you like the most (maps, delve, heists, Brooker on the trade site) and have a lot of fun pushing the limits of your build and trying to upgrade till the season ends or you grow tired of this season and wait for the other one to start
  • the economy is amazing, the fact that this game created and internal economy and there are so many currencys is something I didn't know I would like so much, especially coming from a game where the only currency (gold) is worthless since you are gonna make billions from one single rift
  • the variety of builds, oh my god this is what I looked for, there are so many builds and so many variations that it's impossible to not find a build that suits your playstyle and makes you enjoy playing the games for hours and hours to end
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And this for me are the major strength of the games, apart from the fact that every season has new content and I repeat, coming from a game that has been pretty much the same in the last years, this is something that blow my mind.

But if I had to address some critics to the game I would say:

  • the learning curve is pretty high in the start, to learn everything you need to know to farm efficiently, learn how to know if an item is good or bad and all the statistics, and learn how to play well the endgame, in the first is a lot of information to take, after that I kinda platued and know I'm trying to learn how to craft and holy shit this is hard as fuck
  • performance issues are something to consider, I don't have a high end pc, but I find it really frustrating that I can't do harvest because in the moment that the monsters spawn my game freeze for a solid 3-4 seconds and unfreeze only in the moment I die
  • the fact that there isn't and Auction house is huge and makes space fro scammers and price fixer, I think I avoided a couple of them thanks to the guides on YouTube, otherwise as a newbie I would have been scammed 100%
  • the looting system can see improvements, I know that this topic is saturated, and I won't make an essay about it, but already in t15 is a pain in the ass (yes I have a lootfilter on very strict)
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Anyway this game is amazing, I wanted to share my opinions on what is good and what can be improved, I know that I didn't address nothing new, I'm the last arrived and here there are plenty of veterans of the game playing since day one, but I wanted to thank GGG for making such an amazing game and all the players that are always friendly and help new players like me here on the subreddit or in the game.


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