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What I’ve found out what really makes this league unengaging (Long Rant)

Content of the article: "What I’ve found out what really makes this league unengaging (Long Rant)"

*** Long Rant Upcoming ***

I've been playing Heist since day 1 opening and until now and I am currently grinding for that portal effect. Got almost all the atlas/awakened progression except for Perandus Manor, HoGM, and Doryani's in week 4, delved to about 450 levels down and currently just running contracts/blueprints.

From what I've observed on reddit and from my personal experience(which is very subjective), the reason Heist is so boring although the loot is nice is that it feels like work, not a relieve.

The loot itself is actually really nice when it comes to raw currency. I've ran lv81+ 60 lockpicking contracts(bought them in bulk for 5c each.), made around 50 exalts.

After that, ran a 100 lv81+ Deception contracts(bought in bulk for 3c each) including some blueprints(since Gianna offers 40% discount on reveals) which I'd set them up to have at least 8 currency rooms with Karst and Vinderi available at least 3 wings. Made around 2700 chaos on drops which includes 630 stacked decks. Later found a doctor and a nurse card out of those.

Now I have bought 80 lv81+ Lockpicking contracts(8c each this time) and stuffed them into my "Run-materials" tab.

Sorry for the long introduction but here is my reasoning to the opinion "Heists feel like work."

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I've played since Blight and although the ups and downs of PoE, I overall felt the fun of progressing my char. However this league was something different. Previous league features were accessible through maps and which, of course, was able to do while we were progressing the atlas. This means that we were able to spawn bosses like the awakener while we are interacting with the league.

However what Heist offers was too different from what we've used to do. We cannot progress our atlas while heisting which results in more required time to both progress atlas and interact with league mechanics. Ofc we get contracts/blueprints/markers dropped from maps but if you put enough effort(which is totally worth it since gearing up rogues and heisting seems to have a more "steady" high profit per minute than maps), you can just be only heisting and no mapping.

The reason Harvest got beaten down was mainly because of two reasons, which were 'league mechanics which isn't really infused into mapping + micromanaging', and 'too much OP gears that make the game feel like its in Standard League.' Somehow Heist feels like GGG has taken the league content even further from mapping than Harvest.

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The loot-explosion and overall profit is really nice compared to other league encounters no doubt. But since there is no "progression" available after getting maxed out rogues with all the proper gears, it just feel like going to work booting up PoE.

Now all I do is go inside a contract, open doors, open chests, pick up rewards, open curio, get out. Keep doing that for 100+ times until my dump tab is full and settle my profits, trade for a bit, upgrade my gear(Since I'm an aurastacker the upgrades are never enough. This build literally melts down currency to min-max), buy the next 100-ish contracts from TFT, repeat.

Maybe I'm just burned out because I've been playing around at least 5 hours a day since day 1(I've played like this since Metamorph), but leagues before Heist never felt "boring" to me since I like to interact with all types of contents. But for the first time of my playing history of PoE, I feel like I don't have enough time to care about maps which contain a ton of pre-Heist features. Because although contracts are boring, the profit-per-effort ratio is too good.

I really loved spamming gilded legion scarabs and looking at Hyrri's A-

Damn, it's time for me to get to work.

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*** Rant Over ***


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