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What the Hex? Even More Investigations on Hexblast.

Content of the article: "What the Hex? Even More Investigations on Hexblast."

A follow-up to my previous thread, Investigations on Hexblast.

There's a few things to cover between the Patch Notes and gem info. Let's break it down again. Some specific details provided by a GGG employee that wishes to remain anonymous.

1) Passive Tree

Skittering Runes (just below Heart of Thunder)

  • a: 5% Curse Effect
  • b: 10% Curse Cast Speed
  • c: +10 Max Doom, 10% Curse Effect

Whispers of Doom (next to Chaos Inoculation)

  • a: 10% Curse Cast Speed
  • b1: 50% increased Doom rate
  • b+c2: 5% Curse Effect x2
  • d: +1 Additional Curse

Hex Master (next to Disciple of the Forbidden)

  • a: 5% Curse Effect
  • b: 50% increased Doom rate
  • c: 50% increased Doom rate
  • d: 40% Hex AOE, 5% Curse Effect, 80% Hex Duration

Corruption (where Whispers of Doom used to be)

  • a: 12% Chaos dmg
  • b1: 10% Chaos dmg, 10% slower Wither expiry
  • c1: 10% Chaos dmg, 10% slower Wither expiry
  • b2: 4% Chaos Penetration
  • c2: 4% Chaos Penetration
  • d: 25% Chaos dmg, 20% Wither effect, 0.2% Chaos dmg leeched as ES

Dark Intent (old Skittering Runes)

  • a: 5% Curse Effect
  • b1: 15% damage with hits/ailments against Cursed Enemies
  • b2: 5% reduced Curse skill reservation
  • c: +4 base Doom, 20% damage with hits/ailments against Cursed Enemies

Doomsday Keystone (old Minion Instability)

  • Your Hex Curse Spells create a Hexed Area for 1 second
  • Enemies in the Hexed Area are Hexed, and the Hex does not expire while in the Hexed Area
  • Hexes applied this way do not gain Doom over time
  • Hexes in the Hexed Area gain up to maximum Doom when the Hexed Area ends

How to interpret Doomsday:

  • Creates an AOE ground effect similar to a Blasphemy that lasts 1 second.
  • Enemies in this area are Hexed by a base Doom Hex with every 0.25 seconds1
  • After 1 second, all enemies in the area are Hexed with a Max Doom Hex once
  • Doom Gain Rate has no effect on this Keystone's effects.2

The base 4 Doom from Dark Intent alone is not enough to satisfy the "Damage per 5 Doom" requirement. This means that Doomsday Hexes used for Doomblast or Hexblast will do no additional damage until 1 second; therefore, there is only a 0.44 second window where Doomsday would be optimal compared to not having it. This keystone seems to be primarily designed for non-Curse specialist builds, where a Curse requiring 3 seconds to ramp up will instead be maxed in 1 second. Triggered Hexes are unaffected by this Keystone.

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The description of Curse on Hit rings is rather unclear and it is unknown how it interacts with Doom, if at all.

EDIT: Curse on Hit rings are changed. They now apply Hexes with x% increased Effect, rather than Doom.

2) Reviewing Hexblast

  • Hexblast deals Spell, Chaos, AOE damage.

  • All Damage can Ignite, Freeze & Shock

This can be extremely powerful with even more additional flat damage to scale, e.g. Archmage & elemental conversion to create massive single damage hits

  • Chaos Damage with Hits is Resisted by lowest Resistance instead

This means confirms the resistance override property of Hexblast. Elemental Penetration will not take effect for the base damage. Chaos Penetration will not apply if Chaos damage is not the lowest.

  • 400% More Hit damage and 280% More Ailment damage at maximum Doom.

Huge hits for Freeze and Shock, and good damage scaling for Poison. Cold Archmage with Fire Conversion may even work for Ignite.

  • 4 base Crit

Crit might be a tough choice for this skill without heavy investment.

  • Flat Damage & Damage Effectiveness
Source Variable Base Chaos Dmg Dmg after Adjustment (130%)
Hexblast Level 20 718
Added Chaos Level 20 212.5 276
Added Chaos Level 21 237 308
Awakened Added Chaos Level 5 293 381
Awakened Added Chaos Level 6 309.5 402
Envy Level 15 106 138
Apep's Rage 160 208
Doedre's Malevolence 70 91
Apep's Supremacy 67.5 88
Fenumus' Weave 37.5 49
Duskbight 50 65
  • Removes Hex with most Doom after Damaging

This means you only need 1 Doom-stacking Hex to make the most of Hexblast. It also only consumes the Hex with the highest Doom. This means that you can use alternative methods (e.g. Vixen's Entrapment, Bane, trigger gems) to fill up the rest of the curse limit, which won't affect this specific line but will modify the overall damage by reducing Resistances/increasing damage taken.

  • Choice of Hexes to use?

Factoring in enemy curse resistance, Enfeeble becomes a rather poor choice to use.

  1. Your choice of Single Element Curse – resistance stripping, and a baseline 25% chance to inflict ailments.
  2. Despair – scaling for Doomblast and Profane Bloom, Flat Chaos Damage for Hexblast.
  3. Elemental Weakness – generic resistance stripping.
  4. Punishment – defensive and offensive curse. Debilitate should be a static 10% damage reduction, while the 88% increased damage taken and overkill explosions are very nice for damage.
  5. Temporal Chains – defensive curse
  6. Enfeeble – defensive curse, greatly weakened by the 66% Boss Curse reduction, especially without Doom.
  7. Additional element Curses – almost strictly for scaling flat added elemental damage, or increasing chance to inflict other ailments.
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3) Reviewing Impending Doom & Doomblast

Similar to Hexblast with a few key differences:

  • Only 50% added damage effectiveness
  • 5 base Crit instead of 4
  • Cooldown of 0.15 seconds with 3 charges (to prevent spamming?)
  • No Ailment damage modifier
  • Significantly lower base damage.
  • Flat Damage & Damage Effectiveness
Source Variable Base Chaos Dmg Dmg after Adjustment (50%)
Doomblast Level 20 270.5
Added Chaos Level 20 212.5 106
Added Chaos Level 21 237 118
Awakened Added Chaos Level 5 293 146
Awakened Added Chaos Level 6 309.5 155
Envy Level 15 106 53
Apep's Rage 160 80
Doedre's Malevolence 70 35
Apep's Supremacy 67.5 34
Fenumus' Weave 37.5 19
Duskbight 50 25

4) Miscellaneous Hex Data

  • 1 "Blasphemies and Hexed Areas can be consumed; it reapplies its curse frequently if the curse isn't present (all Auras do this actually). It checks to see if it needs to do its thing and then applies the aura". This suggests that Enemies cursed by Blasphemy Curses or Hexed Areas can be detonated with Hexblast. Was unable to replicate this with Doedre in Act 4, indicating that the interaction may be different.

  • When an Enemy with a Hex with some amount of Doom is Hexed again by the same curse, Doom stacks reset to base value.

  • From the Patch Notes: Hexproof monsters can now be cursed, but will ignore the effect of any Hexes applied to them (previously curses could not be applied). Hexproof in no way mitigates the effects of a Mark.

  • Also, any curse immune enemy is now instead Hexproof, including Totems/Betrayal Doors/Null Portals.

  • Hexes can gain Doom up to a maximum of 30. The effect of a Hex is increased by the amount of Doom it has (source: skilltree)

  • Doom increases curse effect by 1% per Doom stack.

  • Doom is a property of the Hex, not Hexed things; each Hex has its own independent Doom counter.3

  • From solely the Passive Tree, you can get the following Doom stats:

    • +10 Max Doom (40 Max Doom)
    • 4 Base Doom (4 Base Doom)
    • 150% increased Doom Rate (25 Doom per Second)
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While I'll do my best to answer any questions down below, do note that any information is second-hand and will require testing and verification in Heist! Still, let's all work together to build our coven of thieves 🙂


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