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Whether you can open 50% or 100% of chests, Heists are still just empty maps with slow doors and boxes to click on.

Content of the article: "Whether you can open 50% or 100% of chests, Heists are still just empty maps with slow doors and boxes to click on."

First of all I'd like to say that the kiting thing in the first days was the worst gameplay possible and I'm glad it's dead so quickly. There's been a lot of messing around with alert levels and focus on that, but no matter what you tweak that number to, it's never going to make heists good. It would make them more of a loot pinata but they'll still be maps with hardly any enemies, long door animations where your sole task is to click boxes.

  1. Mob Density is legitimately awful, particularly in the first half makes the whole thing kind of boring, you just delete the three mobs there then spend 5 seconds spazzing out colliding with the door as your flasks run out.
  2. They are so long This messes with trade because you can't leave and you're constantly in them. Trade's fine because I can just press a portal scroll, click a few things and I'm back in the map in less than 10 seconds. Even with Delve it's fast enough you can invite a guy and have him reasonably wait. Heists take at least 2.5-3 minutes-ish, more if they're bad layouts. They can almost cut you off from trade for hours.
  3. Doors, need I say more? They need to be sped up by like 90% at least. Especially the parts where it's not even part of the NPC'S "Job", they're done, but the door still takes ages to open. I'm glad you decided to live out your RP fantasies but this is an ARPG, speed it up. On the 2947th door opening it's less cute and immersive.
  4. You get almost too many I mean, if I spend one hour mapping I will get enough contracts for like three hours of heists at the very least. Ratio seems a bit off. Perhaps it's because of how much slower they are, but still. If they were rarer but gave better rewards it would feel better.
  5. The whole if you walk out with your items then go back in saving them from being risked when dying has to be some sort of oversight, that's dumb.
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If you play one of the unique heists, the first part with the alert building is completely gone you just go in one way and that feels so much better. Because there's actually some mobs around as you go around looting. It's not just essentially an empty map. Even though that density could also be improved heavily, it's better than the regular ones.

IMO if they increase the density, especially going in and speed up the doors substantially that might be enough to make them passable. It's not just about how much loot they give. They're just not engaging content.


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