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Why isn’t a thread about INVISIBLE CONQUERORS OF THE ATLAS permanently at the top of the sub?

Per the title, I know this is not an issue localized to me. I know from comments in (unrelated) reddit threads, comments by streamers, and in-game chat that a lot of people, me included, have some portion of in-game mobs that are literally invisible since league start. For me in particular, I have none of the new graphics settings like "particle culling" that would make sense as an explanation for it either.

For me in particular, the issue isn't particularly widespread. In fact, most mobs encountered while mapping I can see just fine. Most of the mobs that are invisible for me are a subset of the conqueror's special influence minions and, most notably, the 4 main conquerors themselves. This is exactly as terrible as it sounds–4 of the main endgame bosses, all of whom have must-dodge attacks (for my build/progress anyways) are, quite literally, invisible unless you hover over their frame (if you find it), in which case you can see a red outline where their model should be. The main mitigating factor is they have voiceline indicators for their triggers which I know, but now that I'm to the "final" 4 watchstone versions, they're living long enough that it's REAL annoying. Maybe it's just because I don't hate the league mechanic like the rest of this sub, but I can't understand how the hell this isn't permanently at the top of the sub (or even really represented in any front page posts at all) when this issue persists half a week into the league with little/no GGG commentary on it.

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