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Why not rework Quality, Armorer’s and Whetstones rather than introduce a new System and Currency?

Instead of creating yet another element that crafters need to check before working on an item, why not completely overhaul the Quality system?

  • Quality no longer influences the likelihood of more Links on an item;
  • Item Quality is replaced by the new Base Quality system;
  • Whetstones now randomly alter the Quality values of a Weapon;
  • Armorer's now randomly alter the Quality values of Armor;

Even if the drop values have to be adjusted, in my opinion it's a better alternative than adding even more currency to the drop tables. Quality is already a system that has barely any impact in crafting since spamming 20 Whetstones onto a weapon is as simple as can be.

Quality based crafts could still interact with this new system if appropriately balanced. And Corrupted items would still drop with a Quality based range.

Sure it could be a problem in Standard, but a negligible one. There's no shortage of this currency there and the existence of Legacy bases likely wouldn't present too big a problem.

— I'll take the opportunity to state that personally, I quite dislike this new system (RNG drops and Currency). I feel like it adds nothing of value to the crafting of an item. —-

  • It ensures that you won't start expensive crafting projects on a non-optimal base.

Since you WILL be waiting to get a drop that's close to perfect, so you won't invest as many Sacred Orbs into it. Same logic as using Whetstones on White Bases. x4 vs x20.

  • It further invalidates ground loot;

If a Vaal Regalia has a 0% to 20% chance of being stronger, this means that only 1 in 20 i84 Vaal Regalias that I find have any value. This of course was the sentiment before the Sacred Orb was introduced… and still kind of is depending on the rarity of this new currency.

  • It adds nothing interesting to an item.

Getting an item to 20% quality is already quite easy and brainless. You just click on an item 4 or 20 times and then move on. Depending on the rarity of the new Sacred Orb, it'll just be a repeat of this process or too expensive to use on weak crafts or even owned by most players.

This system will only be harmful and further invalidate most ground loot and the easiest, most optimal way to obtain GOOD bases will be via Trade. Sure you might occasionally get a 20% Vaal Regalia and sell it for a ton of chaos, but what happens when you need to buy one? Why would you settle for a 10% one? Or a 15% one? Is it not better to withhold crafting on an inferior base and wait?

That Vaal Regalia will be quite expensive, while bases with lower rolls will be more affordable. Of course this is assuming that Sacred Orbs are rare.

And if they're not rare… why even bother implementing this? It's not fun to click on an item time and time and time again just to watch its Quality values fluctuate between 3, then 2, then 7, then 5, then finally 10%. It's brainless. It's has no reason to exist.

It's another layer of RNG on a pile of RNG.


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