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Why the new stash tabs for Meta / Blight / Delirium are concerning from a gameplay perspective as well as a moral one.

TL;DR Tencent Bad, Gameplay is negatively affected by these tabs, solution suggested below.

Let's get the low-hanging fruit out of the way – Tencent bad, and this smells just like something they'd push. Individual stash tabs for a currency issue, where half of the tab looks and feels blank (because in reality none of them needed their own tab…), just doesn't sit well. While this isn't a new idea (Essence tab…Fossil tab…), we couldn't have known back then we'd be introducing as many currencies/items as we have, and with them the need for specialized tabs. Why perpetuate the issue?

Now, from a gameplay perspective, this is perhaps equally concerning for a different reason. Currently, if you're a stash-aholic, as it were, you're setting up your league stashes with the following:

Currency tab Map tab Essence tab Fossil tab Fragment Tab Quad tabs (if application) Premium Tabs And of course, the free standard ones.

It's already a bit of a pain to move items from your mapping into these individual tabs, which is why generally many of us use "dump" tabs (Quads are great for this) to quick dump everything into. Later, during downtime, we move them from the dump tab into their various other tabs.

With the addition of these *three tabs, that is becomming that much more cumbersome. And what's worse, is there is no indication of this changing anytime soon. It's pretty common for new currency/item types to be introduced in most of the leagues, which means if we continue this trend of New item/currency introduced – > New tab introduced we could be looking down the barrel of a dozen specialized tabs in the future.

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Why? Really though, why? We already know GGG's stance on auto-dump from Inventory to Stash (Spoiler: Not happening). So why make gameplay that much more tedius?

Proposed solution (and frankly, why this wasn't what they went with is concerning because it's obvious…hence the Tencent boogeyman concerns)

League Currency Tab. Literally works with the same tech that exists with map tabs. Each league has it's "tab within a tab" and from there you withdraw or deposit said league-currency from. You buy it once, and it's updated in perpetuity, just like the map tab.

From a monetary standpoint, I would think you'd catch a fair amount of flies with this honey, even if it was perhaps the most expensive tab for purchase. But, even if it's "less profitable" than each league getting it's own tab, its considerably better from a moral and a gameplay perspective.


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