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Yet another ignite BASE damage scaling question

TL;DR: Does increased physical/elemental damage apply before conversion or gain as added extra, even for counting the BASE damage of ignite? Assuming all of our damage can ignite.

Assuming we take Elementalist's Shaper of Flames, so all damage ignites.

Let's say we start with a phys spell that does 1000 base damage from only the gem.

Then, assuming that I convert some and gain a bunch of Phys as Extra Elemental/Chaos, as well as elemental as extra chaos from gear/passives/flasks, that 1000 phys becomes something like 500 phys, 500 fire, 500 lightning, 500 cold, 500 chaos. All of that damage can ignite. Total 2500 base ignite damage (just some random round numbers).

Now, assuming, just for the sake of figuring out how things work, I stack a bunch of % global phys damage, and increased elemental damage, normally, the increased phys damage is applied BEFORE the conversion chain, and the same for the increased elemental, which is applied before the chaos conversion. Will this increased damage then scale my base ignite damage, due to conversion?

Say I have 100% increased phys damage. I turn my base 1000 physical into 2000 physical, that is then converted or gained as extra to elemental or chaos damage. I would end up with 1000 fire, 1000 lightning, 1000 cold, 1000 chaos, as well as 500(?) physical damage that counts toward the BASE damage of my ignite. Total of 4500, because increases to generic damage of a certain type (phys or ele) don't increase the base damage of your hit. However, increases to phys or ele do increase the damage before conversion, so in this case, they DO impact the base damage, but only for the portion of the damage that's converted (so not the remaining 500 phys).

Finally, the 4500 base damage for the ignite would then converted to 4500 * 1.25 = 5625 burning damage per second dealt as ignite. At that point, say I have generic elemental or fire damage, or dot damage, generic/fire dot multiplier, that would impact the burning/ignite dps at that point.

Is this correct, or am I missing something?

If it's correct 2 follow-ups:

  1. Deadly ailments support lowers the hit damage. This applies AFTER the conversions, right? So it's meaningless for the ignite dps even when taking into account conversions.
  2. Generic elemental damage increase, and flat added phys/elemental damage from gems or gear, would all be factored before the conversion chain (assuming I have some gain elemental as chaos, or gain fire as cold, etc.). So I can take my 3000 base ele damage, add 500% generic elemental damage, and some added cold/fire damage, and get 15k+ ele damage to be used in conversion to chaos. This converted chaos damage is used as base damage, but only the 3000 base ele damage + flat added is used as base elemental damage. Say I had gain 50% elemental as chaos, 15,000 * 0.5, 7500 chaos. So my ignite base damage would be 7500 (chaos) + 3000 (elemental) + 500 (physical).

Thanks in advance if you made it through and you can provide any help.


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