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You can get banned for giving away items (and how I got bannned)

Content of the article: "You can get banned for giving away items (and how I got bannned)"

TL;DR: If you give away items, and the person who recieved the items starts botting with the account you can get banned.

How I got banned: on Oct 23rd 2020 I ran some heists and on a loading screen this message popped up: "Your account has been banned by an administrator." Later after messaging the support team, I got the info that the reason was "Botting + storage"

Ban appeal: 1 Hours after the ban I sent this ban appeal: It got rejected on november 4th The appeal system is terrible, the queue time at the time was 4 weeks. My case took probably less time because the Accounts Investigations Team didn't even check my account.

What did I do to "deserve" the ban: I gave away items to players in towns of act 1-3 without visible micro transactions or obvious unique items (tabula, goldrim) because I had no time to sell these 2-20 chaos worth of items and figured giving them away would make someone happy.

How does this gets you banned? This is where the title comes in, some of the players that got the items started botting on their account OR bots accepts random trades in towns.

Why not giving away items in global chat?: As I mentioned before I had no time to sell these, finding people in global who actually needs these items is hard and takes a lot of time, also people gets angry at you for linking cheap items in global!

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What was the "process" to give away items in towns? I requested a lot trades with people who did not wear mtx's nor twinking gear examples of this can be seen in the pastebin link.

How can I "proove" that I did not use botting programs? I cannot. But here are all the information about my account.

Some questions that might get asked:

  • Why did you post this?
    • I LOVE this game and I am addicted
    • I want to play the game with my account without worrying that I will be banned again
    • I do not want to create a new account in fear that I will loose 1 months of progression again
    • Getting attention of how bad the ban and appeal systems are in POE
  • How do you have this ammount of gear without having anything in stash tabs?
    • I played 10 hours a day for 30+ days
    • I played as an aurabot in a 2 man team pushing deep delve
    • My carry held most of our currency when I got banned we had 2 mirrors in his stash
    • Deep delve was super lucritive after hitting 6k we made 20-40 ex an hour
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