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Zana is about 25% chance to spawn harvest. Data from 100 missions.

I ran 100 Zana missions in Haewark Hamlet, here are the results.


  • I bought 4 watchstones with the mod "Map options offered by Zana missions in areas have 36-50% increased chance to be synthesis maps". Combined with secrets of the stones, this added to 241.25% increased chance, for 6ex total.
  • The points in Haewark hamlet were the 3 harvest nodes, and the two essence nodes.
  • My uncharted realms were master of the atlas, paths not taken, secrets of the stones, remnants of the past, and Neural pathways in this order. If I had the last point, I'd take close allies.
  • I ran t16 atolls, chiseled, alched, and with some sacrifice fragments. I chose atolls because it's impossible to accidentally miss a harvest, and it has a predictable layout.
  • I semi-sustained the maps, only needing to buy about 30 of them. I had 4 stones in haewark, and 3 in all other regions.
  • I ran through the whole map and killed the boss, only stopping for fast mechanics like metamorph, legion, or essences. I didn't do any rituals, blights, abysses etc.
  • If Zana didn't have any elder, shaper, synthesis, harvest, or otherwise special maps, I skipped it.
  • The Sirus and conqueror drops encountered are not included.

Zana/Harvest results:

  • The average number of maps offered by Zana was 13.7. I have no proof, but I feel like it increases with map quantity, because once I started adding sacrifice fragments after the ~30th map, the average seemed to increase. The minimum was 8, and the maximum was 18.
  • She offered a total of 30 harvest missions, but I could only enter 26 of them because sometime she offered 2 maps. Overall, Zana had a harvest spawn rate of 26%. I encountered 8 harvests in the atoll map, 8%. In total, I encountered 34 harvests, with a combined total of 117 seed plots (3.4 on average)
  • I found 4 T4 seeds: 2 yellow, 1 blue, 1 purple.
  • My luckiest streak was when I found 4 harvests in 2 consecutive maps, both having a natural and a Zana harvest spawn.
  • My unluckiest streak was 35 maps without a natural spawn, and 10 maps without either natural of Zana spawn.
  • The average sold price of a harvest was 117c. I could have boosted this number up but many of the crafts I got were spent on my own gear.
  • I encountered 20 synthesis maps, but only ran 17 due to offering 2 at once. 8 of the maps were Cortex maps, but I only got 1 worthy drop, a Bottled faith. Overall, I'd say the watchstones were probably worth their 6ex entry fee especially if you're doing over 100 Zana missions.
  • Over 50% of Zana windows included a shaper or elder guardian. If it was an eradicator or chimera, I didn't bother. Screw those guys.
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Currency results:

  • I got 20 ex + 1060c from actually sold crafts. Many of the crafts I got I used straight away, and some haven't sold yet. If I sold absolutely everything, I could probably up this number by 10-20 more exalts.
  • Here was my unsorted tab after the 100 maps, including the crafting sales. This doesn't include over a full tab of red maps. Total Exilence price: 6289c. Without harvest sales, that's 3229c. It doesn't include the full amount of chaos because I converted some of it to exalts.
  • Here's the tab once I sorted everything out, only including stuff that is very easy to sell. I 3-1'd essences, converted jewelers to fuses, etc. Total Exilence price: 6164c, or 3104c without harvest. This is more or less right, because what it over-prices is more than made up by the bulk pricing, and the fact that it doesn't price the elder maps properly.
  • Essences made up 360c of this total. The essence nodes are probably worth it?
  • All in all, I made about 60 ex over 100 maps. If I pushed it more, selling more crafts etc. I could probably get it to 80 ex. With my minimal investment cost of 100 Zana missions, about 30 atolls (180c), and some sacrifice fragments (100c), I made about 0.6ex per map. I don't know how that translates to time, because I spent a lot of it recording data. I ran the maps over 4 days this last weekend.
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  • Running only Zana is very profitable. Combined with a heavier investment strategy with sextants, scarabs etc, she adds a lot of currency gain.
  • Zana is equivalent to roughly 25% chance to spawn a harvest. By extension, the sextant mod "master missions in areas have a 100% increased chance to be Zana" technically represents nearly 7.5% chance to spawn harvest if you have 4 of them, secrets of the stones, and maxed out chance to gain a master mission (55%).
  • Haewark is unlikely to be bugged.

CSV Pastebin of data:


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