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Zana missions farming with Paths Not Taken passive – what can you expect to see

Hello all,


  • Small sample, actual numbers may differ
  • Path Not Taken mandatory
  • Harvest: 26% (41% if 4x Zana 2 extra maps)
  • Delirium: 48%
  • Synthesis: 4%
  • Elder/Shaper: 50%

Full-length story + analysis

in recent days I was running Atoll maps to finish some of my gear. I decided to run Zana missions while doing so and note down what missions I was being offered from Zana.Since I was running Zana missions, I have invested in Paths not Taken atlas passive.

Here is the result of the first 50 runs and what can you expect to see

50 Zana missions results


  • 164/164 Bonus Objectives
  • 164/164 Awakening Bonus Objectives
  • Master of the Atlas > Paths Not Taken
  • Secrets of the Stones
  • Close Allies

Results comment

  • So far I tracked only 50 Zana mission runs. I will keep on tracking it till I quit the league or the league ends. I will occasionally update this post
  • During the runs, there were 2 interesting runs. Number 42 and 49.
    • Run number 42: I was offered the Untainted paradise map)
    • Run number 49: I was offered the Cortex map

Results analysis

On average Zana offers 13 different maps.

Zana offered me:

  • Harvest 13 times (26%); 2 different Harvest maps once
  • Synthesis map 2 times (4%), 1 of which was Cortex (and I dropped god damn gloves)
  • Delirium map 24 times; 2 different Delirium maps twice
  • Elder/Shaper map 25 times; 6 times 2 or more in a single window
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How to increase your odds of getting your desired map

Since I was running Atoll maps, my main concern/goal was to get as many Harvest encounters as possible. For that reason, I am heavily invested in Harvest-related watchstones.

Better watchstone for Zana farming would be

  • Magic Titanium Watchstone with Zana Missions in Area have 1-2 additional Map options mod
    At the time of publishing the price for 1 additional Map option starts at 45c; 2 additional Map options 3ex.
    Update 2: At the time of publishing the price for 1 additional Map option for the Haewark Hamlet region is 80c; 2 additional Map options 20+ex.
    For other regions 1 additional Map options: 45c; 2 additional Map options 3+ex (always depends on region)

Zana Missions in Area have 2 additional Map options

  • Unique Platinum Wachstone with Zana Missions in Area have 3 additional Map options modAt the time of publishing the price starts at 30c

Since expecting to sustain/always running Unique watchstones seems like a silly idea (currently there are only 109 on the market). Let's assume you would use 4x times 2 additional map options.

My math may be wrong in here (but somebody will for sure correct me if that's the case) but…

  • With a 26% chance for Harvest mission with 13 maps on average, there is approximately a 2% chance for a map to be Harvest mission.
  • According to my knowledge above-mentioned Zana-related watchstone mod adds Map options into Zana's map pool after Path Not Taken's line Zana Missions in Areas have double the number of Map options takes place.This means, that 4 times 2 additional map options will give you 8 extra maps, not 16 as some may assume.
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  • 8 times 2% for Harvest = 15% extra chance to be offered Harvest. Totaling in 41% chance to be offered Harvest.*(no, we cannot do 2 x 8% = 16%, that's not how probability works. We have to do 1 – (1 – 0.02)8 ~~ 100% = 14.92%)~~*
  • : If we assume that Zana gives 13 maps on average and we add 8 maps into the pool of the maps, while having a 2% chance for the Harvest per map, there is a 1 – (1 – 0.02)21 100%* ≈ 34.57% chance per Zana mission to get the Harvest

What's next?

  • I was not tracking my natural Harvest occurrences, starting with 51. Zana's mission I will start to do so. But so far I feel like I was either running Harvest in the map or from Zana's mission every 1 in 3 maps.


  • : Math calculations were a bit off… fixed.
  • : The price for the Titanum Haewark Hamlet Watchstone was off by a lot… fixed.


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