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1-Make us to be able to play with our friends in the Training Mode and maybe 2-add Bots to it and also 3-make offline Training Mode a thing

Dear BLUEHOLE and PUBGers,

1 – I thought maybe it would be nice to be able to enter the Training Mode together with our friends. Is there a reason why this is not a thing? We can do it in TDM right? I tried today, we were very excited but got disappointed because we couldn't. This could also be useful when we need to wait for a friend/s before starting a Match, so we can try TDM and now the Training Mode for example.

2 – Add Bots to the Training Mode. I see many people commenting on this. I use the Training Mode a lot like daily for 30 min usually and think it's Great! But being so Great doesn't mean it couldn't be better right? Actually, we should still continue to push the boundaries in making it even better. So, I shoot in the 400 m range usually with DMRs on the dummy targets but my feeling is that the targets might be: 1-too big, like, the players at say 200 m for example may look much smaller/slimmer and move maybe faster, so it's not as hard to hit those moving dummy targets even at 300 m; 2-they move too slow maybe and they don't zigzag. Suggestion: add Bots at these different ranges running from left to right then right to left with the speed of a sprinting player and with the size of a player ofc and make them bleed when shot like real players (if there are many people in the Training Mode maybe it can become confusing like is the blood spilled from my shot or someone else? so maybe give the option to enter it offline; also sometimes at like 3:00 or 4:00 AM I can't join it so giving an offline option should help); also I'm not sure if I'm the one who didn't figure it but I can't use the 800 m Shooting Range, I'd like to practice shooting higher ranges but the targets seem in front of one another, I could be wrong though … so maybe make more side-space between the different ranges-at least now I can only use the 400 m Range and btw is there anything at 400 m? Hopefully, these Bots would also be useful for practicing spraying with ARs and SMGs. Now, I'm still not sure how to implement this in particular but I'll give the suggestion a shot anyway: show the damage done after shooting the Bots (probably "immortal" Bots) and the percentage that hit the head and the percentage that hit other parts and the percentage that missed the body-maybe this could be displayed as a per magazine stat and maybe even an average after a session or a session established by an user like a stopwatch, like start counting stats "now" and end "now".

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3-Give the option to play offline Training Mode. I might need it at least when I'd like to play it late at night as mentioned.

In Closing: If Bots as in "2" cannot be implemented, giving the option to play the Training Mode with a friend should help in circumventing it. I wanted to let my friend run in front of me from left to right then right to left at different ranges while I'd try to shoot him with DMR/SR for example and then let him shoot me. This way we would practice Zeroing and the Leading of the Targets. In honesty, I thought the Pros did that with their Teams as a means of practicing the Game.

In Closing (now for real): I LOVE the Training Mode and can't believe I spend so much time there and probably will continue to. I think it's ingenious and very inspired. I feel Suggestions number "1" and number "3" might not be so difficult to implement. Now, Suggestion number "2" if too resource-intensive for now, I'd recommend trying it for PUBG 2. I also recommend making the Training Range and TDM available for PUBG 2 asap after its launch. Okay, I think that's it, this all comes from maybe a "heavy" Training Range user. And, I have no doubt that BLUEHOLE's Genioused will figure better ways to implement my suggestions if they receive the greenlight.

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Thank you very much for reading and … HAPPY DINNERS EVERYONE! 😉 I'm very proud to be part of this community.


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