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3 gameplay suggestions about knocked players

Content of the article: "3 gameplay suggestions about knocked players"

Here are a few suggestions for pubg in regards to knocked players. I personally feel that there could be more opportunities to save the life of teammates especially for the late game. Would love to hear what you think about it?

1. Teammates can heal knocked players

Bandages, First Aids and Med Kits can be used by players to heal their teammates. This is especially useful if there is a knocked player which has not enough health to be revived. In this case the knocked player can be bandaged first and then revived.

This healing can also be done while another player is reviving. If timed correctly this allows to revive knocked players in later bluezones (when the damage is too high to use a first aid kit after being revived). One player has to start the revive while a second player has to time the healing correctly. If the healing ends after the revive, the knocked player should have enough health to run into the zone (or take another first aid kit).

2. New medic to slow down the bleeding (Tranexamic acid)

A new medic that can be consumed by knocked players. It will slow down the bleeding for 10-20 seconds. I could decrease the damage to about the half of knocked level 1. This is independent from the knocked level itself, so it makes a bigger difference when a player was already knocked before. As it is a medic it can be requested using the radio wheel. This could be very useful in certain situations where it's impossible to reach the knocked teammate due to enemy pressure. The new medic could be thrown to knocked player and give the time more time to solve the situation.

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3. A player is invincible for 1-2 seconds after being knocked

It can be very frustrating if one member of your team gets caught off-guard and instantly flushed. It's even more frustrating if you stand right next to him but you are still not able to deny it, because it happens to fast. I feel this happens very commonly in competitive games and it's very annoying in my eyes (especially with the beryl). So this suggestion aims to make it more difficult to flush knocked players. While the other ideas are quite small this idea would have a bigger affect on the gameplay.

The idea is once a player gets knocked he/she won't go to the ground as normal but instead be invincible for 1-2 seconds. This should be indicated by the player laying flat on the ground before getting into the knocked position (so it's clear for everyone when the player can be damaged again). The player is unable to move during this short period.

On the one hand it makes it more difficult for the knocked player to get behind safety (longer time for others to take notice and prepare to shoot), on the other hand it gives the team more time to protect their teammate.


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