PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG)

A little love letter

This goes out to all the people who frequent this subreddit, I feel really blessed for the 'small but mighty' effort all you guys put on. If comp PUBG ever grows we've got a really good foundation to grow from. Pats on the back everyone, really!

We've got so many great contributors in here, often giving great access to stuff that would be hard to reach otherwise. Maybe it's common in other esports (I wouldn't know) but I feel so privileged that we get such close access to the talent, either through social media on conversation here directly. That comes as a bonus though; a lot of you have great minds and tonnes of passion for this scene. It's really class, and any mentions of 'dead game' really have little impact on me because of you lot.

I feel it's important to express my appreciation as the WWCD weird 'pick me girl' contrarian—I actually really like a lot of you guys personally, despite many of you encountering me as some sort of irritating devil's advocate. So in other word I'm worried I don't always come across right. I'm not just being a dick for the sake of it, promise! So if you see me trolling in Twitch chat please don't take it to heart—I really don't care about different formats and teams/regions. I'm finally coming round to enjoy the banter, which is a big deal coming from a stuck up boomer introvert. EU fucking sucks! insightRacJAM

Right, with all that shit out of the way, let's get down to business: I'm so chuffed that the lot of you are getting enjoy some hardcore Point Rule action. This is the real deal again! I'm loving how it is giving the players some breathing space to mark their territory before the stakes really start to rise. It's beautiful chaos. Most importantly, the majority opinion that Point Rule is better at discerning the most mechanically skilled players is being satisfied—the Grand Finals and most of the paths to get there are in Point Rule, thus will give us "the world's best team" with a greater sense of certainty. This is the way it should be, considering the makeup of the most dedicated fans.

Comp. PUBG is now in a sweet spot IMO. Those of us who appreciate PUBG as a battle royale still get to admire that side of the game at the highest level. A lot of Point Rule 'preferrers' seem to be able to swallow the bitterness, as RNG through WWCD ultimately doesn't influence too heavily the winners of a long tournament (if at all). I'm sure Weekly Survival will give us enough data to determine an unofficial 'battle royale' champion, and I'm happy enough with that. I have sympathies for the purists that want to eliminate WWCD entirely, but you need to recognise that compromise is the foundation of growth.

So really, we are all one and the same in here—PUBG fans who want to see those who play the game the best in an entertaining fashion. We can all put the MC shit behind us now. If some nutters want to go off and do their own MC spin-off tournament with boring ass survivalists I say go do it! yea, I'd watch it… but that's besides the point! For now, we can mostly all agree that comp. PUBG is better enjoyed by the majority of fans and players as a Point Rule prioritized competition.

Up till now, I'd hadn't been excited for PGC. Not because of anything to do with the tourney, but suspended indifference is a part of my nature—with hype normally coming in just at the last second. True to form, my excitement for PGC ramps us just as the event begins. I'm late to the party, but fuck me LET'S GO!!!

So again, my love goes out to you guys—wishing you all the best! Hope all your PGC dreams come true haha <3


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