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Anti-cheat mistakenly banned me for 10 years due to poor connection and now I can’t play with my girlfriend who is in lockdown overseas…

Content of the article: "Anti-cheat mistakenly banned me for 10 years due to poor connection and now I can’t play with my girlfriend who is in lockdown overseas…"

Whilst I applaud Tencent's recent efforts, no banning system is foolproof. The influx of people playing during lockdown is stressing both ISPs and the game servers.

2 nights ago, I received a 10 year ban whilst playing with my girlfriend (stuck in lockdown overseas) due to poor connection (rubber-banding every few mins) and received the "data has changed" error.

My ban record had been clean since I started playing about a year ago.

The reason for the ban on record was "use of a third party client". This is impossible as I do not even have a jailbroken iPad!

No conflicting third party apps were installed or open.

I have no incentive to cheat and only play PUBG mobile for my girlfriend as it has become our special game over the past year and has enabled us to better stay in touch.

We loved the "lovers" mechanic and felt gaming together kept us closer whilst being physically apart (due to corona, I haven't seen her in person for half a year).

A quick look at my match history will tell you every match has been alongside her.

I only care about the synergy we had built up and could care less about ranks, skins…I just want to play with my lover again on my original account.

The past few months have been rough – I lost my dog, I haven't seen my girlfriend in half a year, and my phone was wiped, losing precious photos of both (check my reddit profile for a post I made a while back about it).

The little things add up during these difficult times and this mistaken ban hurts more than other games simply due to how special it was for my girlfriend and I.

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It'd make these difficult times just a little bit more manageable if this mistake could get resolved.

Please, review my case (game nickname: KingOfBraemar) so I can play with my girlfriend again…

Whether my poor connection was due to server lag, unstable wifi, or a bad phone signal, the fact remains that ALL of this is out of my control and is really due to the increased number of players gaming during coronavirus induced lockdown.

I have never heard of a game permanently banning people when the connection drops. The game is effectively punishing people for being responsible and staying at home…

It's ridiculous and there seems to be no way to contact a HUMAN support rep.

I tried reaching out to customer service through multiple emails but was met with automated bots reciting the rules / EULA, with my cases being closed without ever being read.

I have offered to bring my iPad for a physical inspection at any local centre to prove my innocence as there is a PUBG grievance office in my city. No response thus far on that either.

On discord, you must join the server for 10 mins before you can chat and are auto muted if you type the word "ban".

Even on Reddit, I need a comment karma of 25 to write a post – hence my delay in posting this due to having to get over yet another barrier…

Tencent, you have a good game here and combatting cheaters is admirable but you need to have proper customer support infrastructure in place for any chance of a false positive. Legitimate players are being punished…

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Also, in future, the devs should just freeze the player when the client data fails to sync with the server (like every other game ever).

I'd rather lose a match than lose my account…


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