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Best grip for UMP45, and why UMP45 is a good alternative to the M416 especially in long range (with video proof)

Content of the article: "Best grip for UMP45, and why UMP45 is a good alternative to the M416 especially in long range (with video proof)"

So, after a few days of nonstop testing, I finally figured out what the best grip for the UMP45 is. In order to do the test, I went into training room, and tested all 5 grips for the UMP45 with the following set ups: (1) No Compensator and Standing (2) With Compensator and Standing (3) With Compensator but Crouching. I stood at exactly 60 meters away from the target and ONLY fired at the forehead portion of the wooden target. I measured the number of bullets that hit and took care to measure in centimeters how far my fingers had to move both downwards (to counter the vertical recoil) and sideways (to adjust the sideway swaying that occurs)And here is what I found. Ranked from best to worst grips:

  1. Angled Foregrip – Even without a compensator and standing up, the angled foregrip was very stable. It did not jerk sideways, wander, sway, draw circles with bullets, but stays right on the forehead even at 60 meters, without compensator, and standing up. When using a Compensator, all swaying becomes negligible, and when crouching with a compensator, the gun basically doesn't move. This is the ideal grip for UMP 45.
  2. Half grip – When standing with no compensator attached, it doesn't sway as much as the vertical grip, but it tends to wander. What this means is: While it doesn't swing side to side, the half grip will make your shots migrate to either left or right. In order to mitigate this, simply allow your gun to "swim" back towards your target and you will get great stability. This is definitely better than Vertical because it does not draw circles and sway. When using a compensator, it becomes very stable but shots still tends to "migrate and wander off." When crouching and using a compensator, it is not as precise as the Angled Foregrip, but also becomes a laser-pointer.
  3. Thumb grip – While standing up and using no compensator, the thumb grip is stable but does start to sway side-to-side like the vertical grip does, albeit to a lesser extend. The reason why this grip is ranked higher is also because you have faster ADS speed, which is a nice bonus. When using a compensator, there is basically no sway, but precision is not comparable to Half or Angled grip. With crouch+compensator, it becomes very stable, with minimal swaying side-to-side.
  4. Vertical grip – When standing, and not using a compensator, this grip, which normally is a great grip for 5.56 ARs, sways side-to-side a lot, and tends to "draw circles" with the bullets after the 10th bullet. While it's easy to control vertically, the sideways swaying makes it very hard to keep the sight picture on the forehead of the 60-meter-target. In the experiment, you can get all 35 rounds in the forehead region only 1 out of every 5 sprays, but again, there is considerable "circle drawing and swaying." When using the compensator, it becomes a lot more stable but still sways now and then. With crouch + compensator, it becomes even more stable, but still is plagued with the swaying issue.
  5. Light grip – the WORST grip for the UMP45. When standing+no comp, this grip makes the UMP45 sway, rise up with high vertical recoil, draw circles with bullets beyond all control. With the compensator, it becomes slightly more manageable, but still unstable. When crouch+comp, it wanders and draws circles very similarly to the Vertical Grip's performance when there was no compensator attached and standing.
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I will say this. The UMP45 is the HARDEST weapon I've tested in my 2 years of testing guns and grips. All the grips performed EXTREMELY similarly, especially when you attach the compensator. It is fair to say that in-game, as soon as you get a compensator on your UMP45, it really doesn't matter what grip you attach, that any is good enough, but Angled Foregrip will give you a significant advantage.

In the video, I also discuss what meta the UMP 45 stands in, in what ways and situations it is better than the M416, and how it faces different issues compared to the M416. For example, while the M416 has amazing bullet velocity, allowing your bullets to pretty much hit the target right as you pull the trigger at 100 meters, the UMP45 tends to struggle with that, forcing you to have to lead the target significantly more than you do with the M416. However, the M416 has significantly-higher vertical-rise-per-bullet, meaning that when you spray, it becomes significantly harder to hit your target at 120+ meters. In my video, you will see that this is the UMP 45's greatest power: I score more than 1100 damage and got 8 kills in the match illustrated, most of which was done at the 120-400m distances.

IMPORTANT: I'm NOT advertising my YouTube channel when I share this video with you guys, I just simply want to share pure knowledge and my research findings with you all in the hopes that you guys can benefit from this knowledge. Some of you guys are more veteran and already know this, great! But for the newer players, I sincerely hope that this post has someone provided you a better insight to the innerworkings of the newly-buffed UMP45. You guys don't need to like, share, nor subscribe to my channel.

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