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Can we please remove the wallhacks from bots?

Content of the article: "Can we please remove the wallhacks from bots?"

Now I don't really consider bots much of a threat usually but more of a nuisance when they appear in tight situations to expose my team's position. But what I just found out and consider as highly problematic is what appears like a wallhack.

The situation: We're playing a game on Karakin as 3-man-squad, everyone of us occupying one of the 3 central-west compounds in the valley along the border of north-west and south-west quadrant of the map.

So I loot and end up in one of the buildings that have that little "alcove" beside the door that is covered by a small "paper wall" on one side when I suddenly hear steps. I alert my teammates that at least one enemy is at my compound and so I decide to play the campy game and wait for team support because I suspect there might be a full squad around. And conveniently there was a first aid kit placed on the floor about two meters in front of me to serve as distraction for anyone coming in.

The bot briefly entered another building and then mine. He came in on the side where the door faces aforementioned paper wall. I didnt move and expected him to run by. I still wasn't entirely certain it was a bot and still suspected a real player or team. Had I been sure it was a bot, I would have actively engaged it. Instead of moving into the room he insta-knocked me with a salvo straight through the paper wall, then finished me with some more akward sprays (no chance to escape line of sight in this building except for the paper wall).

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I am pretty certain that this was the first time a bot actually downed me. There have been some instances where things got really close because of bots literally spawning a few meters behind me and such things.

Now bash my playstyle all you want, but I don't think that bots should be able to see through walls of any sorts. And yes, I know those paper walls have little holes but there is no way a human player would have recognized that Im there at this moment.

If you wanna make them more challenging, improve their AI in other ways, of which there are plenty imo (and I hope to see some of those with patch 8.3). And while you are at it, PUBG Corp, how about you implement a solution against bots spawning directly behind players? I don't mind the bots existing but the way they are implemented is pretty questionable in some regards.


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