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Car-Bombing + Detonator

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Just a suggestion to allow C4 to be used much like the gas can when in a vehicle, and add a detonator which is an uncommon item that takes up the melee slot. To link a C4 to the detonator is much like modding any other gun. Once linked, you can detonate C4 at will from up to 150 meters, and a light on the detonator will tell you if you're in range or not (red being no, green meaning yes, yellow meaning your linked C4 was detonated or destroyed, and no light meaning no C4 is linked). You can shoot the C4 rigged to a vehicle to destroy it. (Before people question how this doesn't detonate C4; C4 is a plastic explosive that is only detonated by a shockwave.)

C4 on Vehicle

When connecting plain C4 to a vehicle, you will use it in much the same fashion as a gas can. It will take 5 seconds to use, and you will rig the C4 to the ignition. You must be in the driver's seat to do this. The vehicle must be at a complete stop to do this. Once rigged, the next ignition of the engine will arm the C4 and will start it's 10 second timer. Unaware players may be completely oblivious to the beeping, and will die in the blast. It is worth noting that rigged C4 is visible next to the gas pedal on most vehicles, is visible under the gas tank on the motorcycle, and many other vehicles have it plainly visible somewhere on the vehicle. It is completely unreachable on a BRDM-2.

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C4 + Detonator on Vehicle

With the C4 attached to the detonator, you can safely use the combination on a vehicle like normal, but instead of being attached to the ignition it will just be rigged and armed, waiting for your press on the detonator to set off the C4. It does not give any indications once triggered, nor when you start the ignition. It will simply explode. Unlike other weapon attachments, C4 stays linked after your death, meaning the detonator can be picked up and thus the C4 is now the current player's weapon and a kill with it will be treated as theirs. You can reload the detonator with another C4 after use. This may offer incentive to keep vehicles you pass on the road with their wheels intact, but rig them with C4, with or without a detonator, and wait for these players to drive into the safe zone.

Possibly much as expected, you can use the detonator and C4 on normal walls and other materials, and wait for unsuspecting players to wander into the blast radius scoring you easy kills. This makes the detonator with the C4 particularly useful when dealing with buildings that you know players will likely hide in, enabling you to rig some C4 on a ceiling or behind a piece of furniture, and wait a safe distance away. (Or make the ultimate sacrifice for your team, should the situation call for it.) With bigger buildings, such as the ones that are larger than the full explosion size of the C4, you may want to carry some gas cans and pour the contents out inside the building. The explosion will set off the fire, and the fire will snake it's way to players if you took the proper measures to cover every inch in gasoline. Or, if you're incredibly lucky, have multiple detonators with multiple C4 ready for each detonator, leading to a chain reaction.

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