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CASUAL modes need better loot. It’s CASUAL.

Content of the article: "CASUAL modes need better loot. It’s CASUAL."

My buddy and I have stopped playing ranked bc the wait times are too long and the bonkers points system encourages everyone to hide until final circle.

So we've been playing casuals — and the loot is absolutely terrible. Shouldn't CASUAL mode have better loot? If CASUAL mode is supposed to be a doorway to the game to new players shouldn't the game try to make sure everyone can defend themselves on the drop? How many times is a new player going to drop and get wiped out before they can even find a gun before they say "Screw this" and move on?

And for me, the seasoned player, I don't really want to spend 10 minutes looting every game. And when I find the ONE gun in a compound early game and kill a couple unlucky unarmed folks its not even fulfilling. I even feel bad about it — because it has happened to me so many times and it didn't take any skill, I just got the luck that round.

I want to drop, find a gun, fight for my town/compound and start rotating. I'm not even an aggro player, but looting 10 buildings and coming out of a city under-equipped is just frustrating.

In theory scarce loot is an interesting survival mechanic. But PUBG isn't really a survival game. The circles force you into gunfights, its a shooter. Erangel and Miramar are huge but sparsely populated with compounds that for the most part CAN'T loot out a team. So you have to land a city. And then you lose a teammate because he only found a pistol.

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It stinks.

Casual mode should be CASUAL and fun. I've even discussed with people that maybe the guns in casuals should spawn with attachments and the game should start in 2nd circle. Maybe that's extreme, but skipping early game would let everyone get to the action. It would be CASUAL.

At a minimum there needs to be more loot on Erangel and Miramar.

I joked with some of my friends that they were just trying to force people to play Ranked if they didn't wanna loot for 10 minutes, but maybe that's not so far from the truth…


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