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Conclusions about the differences between PGI.S matches played with SUPER rules (weekly finals and bottom 16s) and Winner-only rules (weekly survival)

A total of 220 PGI.S matches were analyzed: – 124 matches in SUPER format – 96 matches in "WWCD" format

In general

The analysis of these data allows to draw lessons that are certainly known by experience by professional players. To win a match:

  • It is better to arrive at 4 in late game!
  • Being the closest to the end zone has a greater advantage than being the closest to the center of the circle in each phase. However, this advantage is not massive from the first zone, so the circle luck seems to result from an intuition that allows the best teams to make the right rotations in the early game.
  • All bets are not off from phase 1. On the other hand, from zone 3 onwards, depending on the distance of a team from the center of the circle and its number of teammates, the chances of finishing Top 1 can be very low and lead to consider other types of game strategy.

SUPER vs. Winner-only

Most of the patterns studied are similar between the two formats. The most visible differences are:

  • The WWCD format seems to see the action shift to the mid/late-game, and it does seem logical that with a system that primarily rewards the Top 1, teams would try to delay the moment they have to fight each other as much as possible.
  • The winning teams in the WWCD format are in comparison less often the ones who make the most kills during the match, which makes sense since kills are not valued as much as in the SUPER format. However, the orders of magnitude between the two formats are respected and there are no aberrations.
  • To address the issue of a WWCD format that would favor luck, the figures do not show a circle luck that would affect one format over the other.

NB : possible limitations to the results of this analysis:

  • The WWCD format is brand new and unusual for teams that have not yet had time to adapt their playstyle. New metas will certainly emerge as the pros get used to it and identify new ways of playing that are more likely to make them win.
  • At the PGI.S, the WWCD format allowed teams to qualify for the final. Only one Top 1 had them qualified and they had no more matches to play, which is different from a tournament where the final ranking is determined in WWCD. In addition to new strategies at the match level, new strategies at the tournament level will also be implemented.

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