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Conquerer Title – Set Eligibility / Reduce Cheaters

Content of the article: "Conquerer Title – Set Eligibility / Reduce Cheaters"

So most of you know people cheat by using Sharpshooter hack (which is now Cheat Ninja) and they buy daily, weekly, monthly keys which are made available by shady resellers at Telegram app mainly and maybe other sources. It is also no brainer that the cheaters are increasingly getting better and spoiling the fun for everyone across servers, while PUBG makes cartoons. Today you can not imagine going from ACE to Conquerer without using a hack. I speak after trying for 2 seasons and giving up. The + is marginal and the – is huge if you die early.

This brings us to motivation of using hacks, I’ve been a fan of TPS games since 2000s and PUBG was (is?) epitome of this since is enabled you to compare your stats with your friends and establish your skills for display. Your records, achievements, progress, perseverance is there for those who care, to see and check. That makes this game special for me.

Back to hackers – I avidly follow these telegram groups of resellers- to keep abreast of what’s new in their hacking world. A process of ‘PAID PUSH’ is very common – you give your id plus $ to a hacker, he cheats and pushes you to conquerer and you get the title. Mostly frauds and with no anti-ban gurantee. But the main motivation for cheaters and noobs is clearly the Conquerer title. (Human nature to show off- Being a Marketer myself, I admire PUBG’s tactics to hook users by these show offs – Titles, Skins, Outfits, popularity and what not)

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So I suggest we urge PUBG to reserve the Conquerer title with some minimum eligibility criteria- 3000+ Achievement Points, At least 4 Glorious Moments Achievements, Should be ACE in previous 2 seasons continuously, must have played for 500 matches in last 3 seasons combined, must have 100 friends with 10 connections, must link mobile number to the account. (And more that PUBG deems fit)

These and any other pre-conditions will ensure noobs without grind will forget Conquerer and those aiming will fear a ban after so much grind. People will also stop randomly pushing as they will be limited to ACE in spite of getting the points unless they fulfil the set conditions.

Your thoughts?


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