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Since the start of Season 15, the PUBGM African community has been hit the hardest. The promise of "the best gaming experience" which is the bare minimum that PUBGM provides for the rest of the world doesn't exist for Africans. We are suffering with possibly the worst connection to the European server with PING fluctuating between 219 to 350 on good connection.

This is in no way even a good gaming experience, its awful. Some clans in Africa are boycotting by not playing the game at all. All we want as the African community is clear communication as to what is happening, and what is going to happen in the future to try and improve our gaming experience.

This has been a battle that the PUBGM Africa community has been fighting since last year.

Last year November, PUBGM promised the African community a dedicated African server, and they even went as far as to make an official PUBGM Africa twitter page (which is now disabled). They never did it, they just wanted us to stop making a noise about the African server.

And it worked, because we believed them when they said they would make us a server, they looked like they were taking the necessary steps in developing this, but it was all to fool us into thinking it was happening so we could keep quiet. And they fooled us successfully, their plan worked.

As a consolation, PUBGM gave us something that made us quiet about the dedicated African server, and it was regional matchmaking. It wasn't a dedicated server, but it was something that gave us an equal gaming experience as the rest of the world.

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Regional match making for those who have never been in these situations works like this in PUBGM. If we select the European Server and find a match in less than 17 seconds, we will drop in a match that will have people from your native country, for me it was South Africans since i am South African.

Now this feature was the only thing that kept us playing the game, it wasn't anything but it was the lil piece of joy we could hold onto as Africans. It was all we had. And now it has been removed without any public announcement and concerns as to how it might affect some players who solely relied on this.

I speak on behalf of the African PUBGM community and we demand to know what is happening, we demand to know why do we always have to fight with PUBGM everytime for having the bare minimum. The rest of the world don't even know about such issues because you provide them with the bare minimum. Why do you ignore our cries? Why us?

Our only sin is that we are born Africans.

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