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The difference between the top players and the rest of us is how good they are at limiting damage to themselves. No matter how good a shooter you are, a skilled defender will win a fight with you. This is why pro players destroy aimbot hackers all the time and is the principle behind squad wipes

The following are some elements of defensive PUBG

  • Distance: Multiple enemies are easier to kill from long range. Sniper rifles are more accurate and deal more damage than assault rifles at long range. Grenades and molotov cocktails also serve a similar purpose, especially when the enemy is behind cover at mid range. Sniper tip: aiming at the body is more effective for moving targets than aiming at the head

  • Cover: The best cover is hard cover. Never stay out of cover for too long. Houses make the best cover as you're covered on all sides. Rocks are also good but don't cover your back. Trees are the worst hard cover and should only be used in emergencies. Lying in the grass isn't cover. Smoke is not cover. Cover tip: using a ridge (a small elevation in the terrain) usually makes excellent cover especially when pushing enemies

  • Obfuscation: unfortunately there are many times you will get caught in a fight in the open. The only option is to blind the enemy. Going prone and using smoke grenades are options here. Note however that going prone / smokes are temporary options giving you time to heal and get the hell out.

  • Speed: sometimes you can't take a fight and have to run. Having a car nearby at all times is key especially in the large maps.

  • Attacking cautiously: Attacking recklessly is the number one death of most good players in the game. Unless you absolutely have no choice, use the tips below when fighting

  1. When pushing from cover always place your crosshair on the side you expect an enemy to come out from and keep your body in cover.
  2. When pushing and enemy behind cover, try to push from the right. The right side provides the most cover as you expose less of yourself before you see the enemy.
  3. Do damage in chunks. Unless the enemy doesn't know you're there, spraying till knock is usually a recipe for lobby. The right way is to do some damage, run back to cover, then come back and do some more damage etc.
  4. Never fight in the blue zone or when your health is low. After getting a knock heal up and go again. Before you fight multiple enemies, boost up.
  5. If you knock an enemy at mid range, don't push to finish them.. Wait in case a team mate is lurking. If you need to finish, use throwables.
  6. When shooting from cover, never peek from the same side twice. If you get spotted try and change location.
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