PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG)

Depression is right around the corner

Oh look, another rant post about the new rules.

As a viewer it's easy to pinpoint the reasons why the freshly announced rule change will produce a low quality viewing experience.

Probable absence of any meaningful fight before the 20 minute mark, predictable winners as circle 3 and 4 shifts will likely decide who is in the best position to get the Chicken Dinner, overall frustration to see teams racking up 15+ kills just to end up 2nd and be rewarded with nothing, you name it…

But let's think about the health of the scene as a whole. I'm talking the players' mental health.

With the good old beloved 95-points SUPER settings you not only have a near-perfect balance between placement points (32, one third) and kill points (max 63, two thirds), rewarding kills – therefore active play – yet still accounting for survival.

You also have a middle line. 95 points is just below 6 points per team on average.

So any team that scores 6 points in a game will be above average and have good reasons to be satisfied with the outcome of the game.

Let's consider this perfectly subjective satisfaction chart I made-up based on nothing:

Total team's points in a game Team's likely feelings about outcome
10+ Very happy
6,7,8,9 Satisfied
3,4,5 Meh
0,1,2 Not happy – start next game already!!!
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Now let's see the average spread of teams in each category, based of PCS3 EMEA Finals:

On average, 3.4 teams score 10+ points, 2.7 score 6 to 9 pts, 3.6 score 3 to 5 pts, 6.3 score 2 pts or fewer.

The chart shows that 37% of the lobby should in theory feel satisfied about the outcome of a match. But even if you're in the Meh bracket, you're still adding to your points tally.

It's not nothing.

With the new rules, you know how it's going to be. Only one team wins it all, the rest get nothing. We don't even need a satisfaction pie-chart for this. Heck, I made one anyway:

The one team that wins I'm not even sure if they'll feel happiness or relief. And the few teams that come ever so close will not only feel unhappy but most probably gutted as well.

PUBG is about to become to only esport – of maybe even only competitive environment – where the team who finished second in a match will feel worse about themselves than the team who finishes last.

Can you imagine chaining no-win games over and over again ? How mentally grueling will it be for a team to get multiple high kill games only to be denied by a team who was gifted the circle ?

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It will feel terrible to watch as a viewer, but I don't even want to think about how the players will handle this.

Ladies and gents, it's going to be an absolute shitshow.


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