PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG)

Did you really put animated calling cards behind a paywall?

When these were announced I wasn't exactly overjoyed with excitement, but I thought "huh, maybe I might actually care about my banner now". Nope, why are these paid for? Why not introduce some interesting challenges to award us with things like this? MW2 released in 2009 and has a shit tonne of emblems and titles from static to animated that were a prestigious symbol that you accomplished something (you know, till modders came along but before then).

Yet here we are in 2021, this game has had these banners and whatever for like a year or so and not only did you implement the current ones in the most generic and unrewarding way possible (playtime) and made them look as generic as possible. But now you finally introduced some passable ones and now you have to pay for them?

Seriously, who is paying for this? Who cares what their banner looks like? Most people don't even bother to change theirs, let alone care enough to purchase one. Why must you take something that could be somewhat interesting and charge money for it? You've monetized everything for fuck sake, can't you give us something interesting ingame to work towards where we don't need to pay for it?

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You buy the game, then the skins, then you buy a pass which you don't even get the amount you paid for it back unlike in other f2p games (where you get MORE BACK), then we ask for years to be able to have pre-set outfits and you add that and you need to pay for it but not only once, oh no no this is a subscription. Now we need to pay for a banner to make it look passable? What's next, are we going to have to buy a ticket everytime we want to play a match? Can you just fucking update the game and give us something to actually work towards that isn't just based on playtime. Something unique that took you more than 5 seconds to think of. It shit like this that have caused this game to fall behind with the times.


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