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Falsely perm banned, my Farewell post.

So, after 4443 hours, I was just handed down an automated perm ban last night. Guilty till innocent is the new customer service norm without any means of providing proof, we've seen this hundreds of times before in reddit posts, we always think "not me" but this time it was. I'm hearing a few things this week from some people. I know this is a false ban, not going to beat myself up about something I cannot control or fix, but I'm also not going to rebuy a game when I've had a clean and ban free account for 25+ years. I did not intentionally break TOS in any manner. Only thing I can think of is to throw money and time at this, buy a new account, setup a new user on windows, and then record video of which program gets me banned again to prove it's a false one, but that's a lot of hoops, instead I'll just play other games and do some more writing, however this does make me a bit sad, as I'm losing out playing with my friends daily for NOT cheating and only being slightly above average somedays. Take care of your bodies by the way, I'm 40+ now and repeat stress injuries are a thing. This last month was rough for me with it but was finally getting back into the swing of it before the ban. You might not feel it now, but 10 years later whew!

But I'm hearing new things this week from others. For awhile people in North East NA have extreme packetloss 10-15% and for me it's even worse. Machinegunner, Taryn, myself, and many others experience and talk about this often, they just keep suffering with it. KingBigDip told me today that encryption got changed for defeating Radar, but that also affected VPN, this doesn't make much sense to me but ok? Using a VPN can get you banned now? if so guilty. As I have to use a program called ExitLag to get around the outgoing packet-loss to the central NA servers, or pubg is not playable. I get 15% outgoing packet-loss to only the central NA servers, (west VA is great and always has been) and have video recorded from both my perspective and squad, this packet-loss causes such lag that my guns fire in burst on other peoples screens when I'm simply holding down the trigger. I went so far as to rebuild my entire network to confirm it wasn't on my end. I've been running this program for 4+ months now. If pubg corp reads anything from this FIX the packetloss for North East NA to Central PUBG servers it's BAD! 10% packet-loss is unacceptable from a professional standpoint, it's undefensable for how long it's been going on. Check their streams, any time for proof. At least ensure your pubg partners and community leaders have a smooth experience to your game! If I had -50- people with issues in chat and that's with 50K-100K active players people in chat complaining about connection to my MMO I was mandated to work on their supporting connections to my servers and that's 20 years ago.

What I suspect is the ONLY new program I recently installed last week is a memory cleaner for firefox as I had been doing more writing and research and keep many tabs open (often 40+) which would suck down 4+gb of ram when running this program it limits this high memory usage. This program does have a default 500 MS polling/clean which at such a high frequency now that I looked at the program in more detail maybe that polling could possibly trigger anti cheat? However it does not target anything other than firefox.exe so that would be a false detection. However cheaters can reuse others code, or a method of doing something detected AS a cheat even tho it's not, anti-cheat wouldn't know this tho, it doesn't care about details, it's not advanced AI. It was running while pubg was running for the last week.

Only other program that I run that could attach to .exe is windowblinds from stardock, which I've specifically told it not to access pubg, as sometimes battleeye hates that in ANY game but it's not a bad faith program and whitelisted most everywhere since the DayZ era, this has caused issues in the past but never a perm ban, just a battleeye not allowing the game to start. I need this program to remove a certain color which my eyes are extremely sensitive to in applications and in the windows OS, it's been on my system for over the life of pubg. Same with Displayfusion , VibranceGUI, and ISLC which is another windows ram purger. Everything else, on my system has been running for months or years.

None of this breaks TOS. Nothing I've done that should get a perm ban handed down. Just like many others in the past who've said the same thing. I'm now stuck in the automated support service, and with no actual thought behind the review process, I've been in the industry long enough to know a poorly implemented ban system, without manual intervention there isn't going to be a fix for me, as this is just automation and even a reverse means either more false positives and other people getting banned or a dev actually testing, whitelisting an app or even restricting it from running. The entire customer support process forces their users to uninstall the game before they will help the user even if it's an obvious battleeye startup block (you cannot run the program till XXXX is closed). It's a true bummer to be taken out of the game this way, after 3 years. I'm going to miss playing daily with my friends most of all; Some I already miss as they have retired folks like Duckk, SomethangTV,RaikarTV and countless other streamers like Ippaku and Arcanedrake, causals and pros I've had the privledge of becoming friends with; I've seen some of them make it to the main stage, we've had 1000s of hours of fun and laughs. Over the years I've gotten to play with 100s of great people and there is plenty of video of me out there NOT cheating, bitching out a teammate cuz there was no callout or heading or worse not being able to see the person someone is calling out because of how poorly my eyes focus. But I don't personally stream as I'm on a metered connection. In the end No big deal right? Just trust in the system and it's only 1 active member down ;). I put in a lot of time and was finally getting good with my ump sprays at 100-200M out and some nights friends in training could hear an ump and they'd see a pink bunny and just know it was me.

Oh and one last thing, I have maybe 200 hours or more in training range. Here's the fun things I've found, consider it a training range challenge to any of you folks that spend a lot of time on it like I did, this works best with a K98 or SKS, as it's got the distant bullet curv, but also a VSS can do it. Goto 1K sniper range. Sit on the top of the metal roof under the sniper tower on the right side, run to the left side of that metal roof, go prone, take 4-8 slides to the right, and start aiming at the 500+ targets, get your perspective lined up exactly, so you can flip the targets to red and when you do, your visual perspective of the back target should now be blocked by the target in-front of it. Then the fun starts, you have to curve your bullet OVER the first target to hit the one behind it! Done it yet? Feels good to flip that right?! It's the most fun I've had on training beyond parachuting onto the mountain at the 1K range and shooting the spinning pistol targets or backplate with a bolt. If you have a friend, you can also practice car spraying at the 100-400+ range. This is how some folks get their distance timing for shooting cars and bikes, and I used to be bunny bait for some folks running between the 100-400 range so they could practice shooting moving targets before big stage matches. This should help with anyone working on mechanics. Hope to see you all in game again one day if this gets sorted. I don't expect much tho, but some of you can finally feel safe from the giant pink bunny trying to sneak up on ya'll! This is NarrisBunnies writing to everyone from Pubg Solitary confinement. Please send money to my commissary so I can buy jelly beans.


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