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Finally did a team kill after 3 + years

Content of the article: "Finally did a team kill after 3 + years"

I never actually killed someone intentionally in PUBG mobile , I have been playing since season 1 and today this hilariously stupid player that I met made me almost want to quit.

I landed in georgepool and there was no one so ,I picked up a ScarL and dropped it to pick up an sks and then pick up the ScarL for the ammo. This piece of shit picked my ScarL up I had no issues just a little bummed. He was from Iraq or some place so I doubt if he could understand my squad.

I proceed to loot up the area and was going for the sks Akm loadout. I had like 30 7.62 ammo on me I proceed to ask my teammate to trade ammo with him and he agreed.

Meanwhile this guy was killing some bots far away I traded a 6x and a 3x with my squad mate and thats when he does a U turn to get back to us just for the scope well sucks for him.

Thats when I understood this guy was a greedy bastard. My teammate and I still hadn't traded the ammo we were about to he was far away so I asked him to trade he dropped it somewhere but I had accidentally dropped my Akm to pick up a ScarL to get even more ammo to give to my teammate.

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I was already pissed since I jumped of the container meanwhile this greedy bastard came running and picked up all my ammo right in front of me I was trying to Switch scopes I accidentally dropped the ScarL again because I still had 30 ammo on me.

In all I dropped my 6x ScarL Akm all I had was an SKS with 30 7.62 ammo I got super pissed the glutton picked up everything I just proceeded to nade and Molotov, knocked him in the 3rd nade.

I was so pissed that guy started dropping his shit the Akm and ScarL but this dumb bitch never gave me my 7.62 ammo back we tried to use the voice chat commands but it didn't work finally I had to leave the revive at 0.8 seconds the cruelest death that I gave him when he thought he could survive.

Edit It is still not 3+ years


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