PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG)

Finally found out why the game is so unresponsive and full of desync

Content of the article: "Finally found out why the game is so unresponsive and full of desync"

I was scrolling through YouTube when I came across this channel.

The channel explains in detail what is the net code and how it affects the performance of the client and the server. According to the channel in July of 2017 Pubg was running at a tick rate of 8 that means that your actual ping even on a 20ms ping could be as high as 145 ms or as low as 20ms but mostly in between 70ms. CSGO runs at a tick rate of 64 or 128 Valorant runs at 128. But PUBG PC ran at 8 at the start of the game because of issues on the server-side as the number of players dropped on the server after dying it increased to about 30 which is still pretty low.

Mind you this is on PUBG PC, mobile is obviously not going to be better I don't even see a point playing the game at such a low tick rate. At such a low tick rate there is more luck involved rather than just skill although the game is still barely playable since it is a Battle Royale and not a CSGO type game all those times you had a close fight you could have lost only because of this issue.

The main reason behind such low-level servers could be that the game is not sustainable enough for the developer to use high-level servers perhaps on mobile the client can only process 32 tick rates at most.

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There is another reason too why the game could have such a low tick rate in games like CS GO there are only 10 players in most modes to keep track of but in PUBG there could be as many as 100 players plus the vehicle speed, grenades going off simultaneously in a 400-meter range all have to be updated on the client-side which puts a heavy load on the server.

I hope there is a fix for this cause 8 tick rate is really bad at that point the game especially in CQC would rather depend on luck ie the time you fire and the time the client sends the packet or receives a packet and you are supposed to receive damage.

I am considering doing a Wireshark analysis on an emulator and finding out how much is the actual in-game tick rate later.


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