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G-Coins is a bad BUG for Survivor Pass , And Chinese PUBG Support so bad

Content of the article: "G-Coins is a bad BUG for Survivor Pass , And Chinese PUBG Support so bad"

I am not good at english . If anyone cant understand my word , please tell me.

I am a heavy player , i play PUBG a lot of time(1429hours). I bought every Survivor Pass 1~8 and New Survivor Pass (Survivor Pass: Highlands)

But in Season 9 , PUBG updata G-coins in PUBG games. G-coins is new option.

you guys can see news in here:

and about how to get (Survivor Pass: Highlands) in here:

you can see

Survivor Pass: Highlands will be available for 990 G-Coin or $9.99 with Steam Wallet funds.

Before season 9 ,when i buy Survivor Pass in PUBG games store , i paid 9.99 dollars by Steam Wallet.

then in my steam library will display i owner Survivor Pass.

BUT in season 9 , PUBG change rules . If you want to buy Survivor Pass in PUBG games , just only paid with G-Coins. And it had BUG , Survivor Pass will not in you steam library. steam library will display you dont have that.

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If you want to Survivor Pass in your steam library . must need to pay on steam store website.

But i dont know , they change rules. so i buy Survivor Pass like before in PUBG game.

then i discover , i dont have that Dlc in my steam library.

so i contact PUBG Support. i written two letter to PUBG Support. i wait a long time , they just said cant help me . i wait from 10/23 until 10/29 , this problem not fix.

i just want to refund my dlc G-Coins not steam wallet. because i want to rebuy (Survivor Pass: Highlands) on steam store. i want DLC correct in my steam library.

but PUBG support so sick. they just said ,in steam library is not important. and we cant help you.

i know DLC(Survivor Pass) cant be refund . but i dont want to refund , i just want rebuy.

if PUBG support dont help me. i buy once Survivor Pass in PUBG GAME.(STEAM LIBRARY not work) then i buy twice Survivor Pass in steam website.(STEAM LIBRARY is work)

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so i paid twice 9.99 dollars . it is 20 dollars!

but i only get one items!

maybe PUBG support cant refund money it is so difficult. but have another method.

like use G-Coins keys or STEAM dlc Keys to solve this problem . but they dont.

it is not my problem . i already paid money . but PUBG change Dlc rules, let steam library had bug.

just want to tell anyone. if want to buy dlc just in steam website. use dollars not g-coins to buy Survivor Pass


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