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Galaxy Note 9 PUBG Mobile performance analysis

Content of the article: "Galaxy Note 9 PUBG Mobile performance analysis"

  • SoC: Exynos 9810

  • GPU: Mali G72 18 cores @572MHz 370GFlops

  • 6GB RAM/128GB ROM (screen res@1080p and high-performance mode turned on) with the latest August security update (A10 OneUI 2.1)

  • latest PUBG Mobile global version update (1.0).

As expected the game does not allow me to choose 60fps and HDR at the same time and does not allow me to choose Ultra HD at all, to be honest, I don't care since I use a third-party app to have more options and control and tweak the graphics as much as I want.

I set all the graphics settings to the highest and the rendering resolution to 768p, why? Because I tested higher resolution and found out that anything beyond that is useless except the ones that marked as "tablet".

Some screenshots of the settings from the app 1 2 3 4

In-game settings (slow internet connection can't even upload a 245KB image!) Gonna upload it as soon as possible.

I used Samsung GPU usage/CPU usage/temp/fps monitoring app

Side note: I don't know if the temp indicator indicates to the CPU or the GPU temps since there is no way to find out unless Sam mentions it in a future update to the app, anyway I will assume it is the GPU temps since the GPU is doing most of the work.

So the results:

GPU usage was between 70% and 89% most of the time except on some rare occasions where it dropped to 65% for a brief moment and in another one went as high as 91%.

The CPU was chilling almost doing nothing.

The framerate is pretty stable 55fps to 60fps (mostly 60fps) as long as the temperature does not exceed 41°C because when it does thermal throttling kicks In a little bit and the frame rate drops to 51fps and if it gets to 42°C it starts hovering between 45fps and the mid-50s until the temps get lower… Most of the time it does not exceed 41°C and stables at 39 to 40 since I play in a cold room (20.5°C the part of the room where I mostly lay down and start playing) and of course, in a pretty cold environment like this the phone won't feel hot in the hand but if you are intending to record the screen (I used a third-party app to record the screen since it provides better video and audio quality so higher CPU/GPU usage) while playing it sure gonna exceed 42°C pretty easily.

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The conclusion: as I expected the hot Exynos 9810 and the underclocked Mali G72 (also the Mali G72 can come with 32 cores but Sam…), in particular, is more than enough to deliver a stable-ish 60fps experience in PUBG Mobile with all graphical settings set to max, it just the cooling system in this phone is bad and not good enough (like most phones) to keep this chip cool enough to avoid thermal throttling.

So theoretically any SoC that on par with the Exynos 9810 GPU performance (or a little bit slower) should be able to handle this game on max settings while delivering stable 60fps, just make sure that your device can cool the SoC enough.

To fix the thermal throttling issue I'm gonna buy the fun cooler Pro from Xiaomi.

I will update this post later for battery drain results.


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