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Grenade Belt: A way to Limit Grenades and Reduce Their Weight

Content of the article: "Grenade Belt: A way to Limit Grenades and Reduce Their Weight"

Recently a friend and I came up with an idea that, to us, sounded like a great way for the game to be balanced with grenade usage, weight, and so forth. It started with us really examining how much items weighed in the game, and we were completely taken aback to find that frag grenades weighed 27 units while a full gas can weighed only 20. We knew that this had to be implemented to reduce the amount of frag grenades someone can potentially carry, because this could be abused potentially. Our solution, in concept, is giving players a grenade belt that appears on the hips of the player once picking up a grenade or throwable of some sort.

The grenade belt limits all throwables to a max amount of 4 (excluding the play throwables at the start of the game on some maps). These are shown in their individual cells in the inventory menu, next to your utility belt slot. Each cell is for a specific throwable, and will hold a maximum of 4.

The more exciting part about this would be that throwables could be decreased in weight without adversely effecting gameplay, now that throwables would have a hard cap on how many of each type you could hold at any given point in time.

Throwable weights would be reasonable, with these numbers being examples:
Frag Grenade: 8 Capacity
Smoke Grenade: 6 Capacity
Stun Grenade: 5 Capacity
Decoy Grenade: 7 Capacity
Molotov Cocktail: 7 Capacity
Sticky Bomb: 7 Capacity
C4: 20 Capacity

Along with this, each type of throwable has a location on your body, visible to other players; should you have one in your inventory.

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The locations are:
Frag Grenade: Left Bicep/Breast
Smoke Grenade: Right Bicep/Breast
Stun Grenade: Right Side Hip
Decoy Grenade: Left Side Hip
Molotov Cocktail: Right Back Pocket
Sticky Bomb: Left Back Pocket
C4: Left Side Abdomen

The goal of this setup is to make all grenades visible on your person, if you have one in your inventory, which potentially allows you to identify possible threats from a distance, and plan accordingly. The decreased weight of throwables, and adding the limit, balances out the weight issue with many grenades enabling for potentially more tactical gameplay and less headache of backpack space.


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