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Grips allow you fine customize a weapon to suit your style. Certain weapons perform better with certain grips, so understanding what a grip does goes a long way to making it easier to chose the right grip

Laser grip – reduces bullet spread when shooting from the hip (without opening scope)

  • very useful for ARs if you like to prefer shooting from the hip in close range

  • note: enemy can see the lasar when you're snaking in the grass if they are really close to you.

Thumb grip – increases scope opening time by around 25%. Also gives a slight reduction in recoil

  • very useful for ARs if you prefer opening scope in close range

Angle grip – reduces horizontal recoil considerably. Also reduces vertical recoil but not as much as the vertical grip

  • it's a versatile grip that performs well both in close range and long range

  • if you equip this grip, shoot in bursts of 4-5 bullets. You will experience very little weapon shake

Vertical grip – reduces vertical recoil considerably

  • the best grip for beginners. Don't use this if you have mastered recoil control. Angle or half grip give better performance.

Half grip – reduces both horizontal and vertical recoil but weapon shakes more if you fire and walk

  • this grip is mid way between a vertical grip and angle grip and is thus the best grip for long range M416 sprays
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Light grip – reduces second bullet jump, increases recoil recovery and reduces weapon shake considerably while shooting and moving

  • this criminally underrated grip doesn't reduce recoil directly, but indirectly by making the weapon easier to handle

  • many veterans prefer this grip as it's the best grip for troublesome weapons (M762 especially). It is also the best grip for single tap weapons as the crosshair doesn't jump too much after the each shot.


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