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Historical Recap 2018 part 1 / HOT 6

Content of the article: "Historical Recap 2018 part 1 / HOT 6"

So…I've made this post like almost a year ago and this is (hopefully) a continuation of it. Reddit evaluated all of my previous attempts as spam. There's a lot I'd like to promulgate without spamming this subreddit, but all of my posts, not even half as long as the mentioned one from last year were prevented by Reddit. (A big shoutout to the mods of this subreddit at this place. You were actaullay very helpful.) So I wanna let you know, that instead of posting a long read post, I'll eventually create a post about every noteworthy event.

Let's see if this post will make it through the spam filter.

One last disclaimer, all of my posts are very biased towards the EU scene.

New year. What's new particularly? A whole lot of new LAN tournaments. Starladder Events, Global Loot League Events, PGL Events, Dreamhack Events. Anything else worth mentioning? Yeah wait, who's Vard? Oh, it's Lore. Except he's Vard now. Good choice. PUBG does not need a Lore.

Hot 6 PUBG Survival Series Beta Season Seoul 11 Feb

The very first big event of the year took place in Korea. It's not been the case that I was totally unaware of Chinese and Korean PUBG at that point. It's been more like that I really didn`t find it interesting enough to follow. If EU or NA players on Twitter or elsewhere were talking about Asian PUBG, it most of the time was about the weird things the players over in the East were doing. The lay down/stand up spam in Third Person looked very strange and certainly not like competitive PUBG. (I've been looking for those tweets. I thought Hayz was posting one of them, but my memory maybe played tricks on me.)

Also in mid/late 2017 all of the Western Teams and Pros agreed on playing FPP. Most of Asia did not. Not yet. The mixture of FPP and TPP went on for almost another 6 months, until everyone all around the globe finally agreed on only competing in FPP. Another strange thing in retrospect was the decision to play both solo and squads games in this tournament. In hindsight it was the wrong call, because the competitive side of this game needed a unified system (perspective just being one, pointsystem being another one e.g.).

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This tournament was my very first in depth contact with teams from China and Korea. It's been also the first time I heard JoelSophie cast, the person that later on taught myself so much about the Korean teams and players over on AfreecaTV. (RIP)

So both regions went through a qualifier phase and the ones who did qualify went on to compete against the teams from the other regions in addition to the 3 invited teams from the West, OptTic, FaZe and Vitality. It might've been kind of the start of FaZe's excellent reputation in the East, I believe. And rightly so. Fuzzface's performance in solos was strong as an ox and the TPP squad games from Faze Clan were also awe inspiring. I don`t know what the Eastern scene thought about the Westerners upon that time, but I think it's safe to say the estiamtion rose after this. In the end Faze did not win the tournament, but they were showing that EU was a very strong region at that time, if not the strongest region. Also let's not forget about Team Vitality who ended up in fourth in a respectable manner.


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