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How I became a 100% better player over night

Content of the article: "How I became a 100% better player over night"

LTDR: I sat closer to the TV.

So I've been struggling with PUBG on my Xbox lately. I had been playing the game ever since it was released on console, then stopped and got back to it every now and then. Overall, I played around 600hrs, only solo. I was never really good, but I was OK, averaging about 250 damage per game. However, when I started playing again after around a year, I couldn't find the rythm.

I got some good games in the last couple of weeks but I couldn't crack 2 kills per game average. I knew I was able to do it, the game just looked like everybody was better than me. I thought that everyone kept on playing for all this time and the game is full of super-skilled guys with thousands of hours played.

Then, I got to play PUBG on PC for the first time on my friend's gaming PC with a nice 144Hz big gaming monitor. What I realised was how much more I could see in the game just by sitting closer to the monitor. So I tried that at home with my Xbox and holy shit…

Before, I played on a smalk 40" TV and I used to sit really close (1-1.5m at most) from it. I remember that if I sat far away, I couldn't hit anything with my bullets. Nowadays, I have a 65" TV and I play from my couch which is about 3-3.5m from thr TV. I thought that it was an OK distance given the size of the TV. But today, I took a chair and sat closer and things started to happen…

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I played 5 games, won 2 (6 and 7 kills in those), played other good game with 3 quick kills but the game crashed and I got killed during reboot, other two games I got 2 and 0 kills, one was my bad play, the other I got killed by a much better player.

But the overall result? The game is much more fun! It's not only about results, it's also about the fact that I feel like I am in control now. Before, I thought I did everything good but got killed anyway. Now I am doing this to others.

I guess this is not hot news for most of you out there, but it was groundbraking for me. I hope it can help some of you as well, even if it helps one of you to have more fun with this game, I'll be glad 🙂


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