PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG)

I 1v1d my friend using an emulator

I had an argument with my friend at the time when Iferg and DrDisrespect were engaged in that controversy. The argument is will mobile players stand a chance against PC players in games. The argument for PC gamers only is laughable cause the aim is supposed to be shit on mobile. Well, it isn't shit but it isn't good either. We all know how nasty the movement of controller players is well the mobile players do have that kind of movement. But aiming oh the aiming it is supposed to not stand a chance against someone on a mouse.

We had this argument back on forth over PUBG mobile I am new to PC gaming and usually play Valorant. I started playing on the emulator because my phone started turning into shit.

We had this argument again so I 1v1 d him on PC I won but the thing was he was able to actually not get beaten that easily I did restrain myself from going full berserk mode on because I was in the lead from the start.
I kind of stand corrected now about my opinions on mobile aim but there is this one thing that is bugging me no matter how you look at it the mobile aim is not supposed to be good it is quite evident.
I am starting to think I couldn't beat him that easily because He is almost close to the peak of what mobile players can do and my aim on PC is just average at best. The second thing bugging me is that the emulator for PUBG mobile is not that good because today I tried live streaming from NVIDIA Broadcast and it was below 60 but I couldn't tell cause I always feel the game is very laggy even though the frame rate is above 60. I also feel that there is a huge input delay. The last thing I feel that also had a significant impact was the aim acceleration in the game which exists for everyone though but my aim couldn't be translated that well into the game.

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I also request someone who has played PUBG PC at a good level to try out PUBG mobile on emulator and let me know that what they think of the overall smoothness of the game.


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