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I am so happy today!

Content of the article: "I am so happy today!"

After numerous of hour playing this game I finally did it! I always play this game when I back to work and I am not very pro like everyone else.

I start from the bronze and slowly reach to silver and gold.. during the process I always got killed early in the games and witness my point drop like crazy, at some point I want to give up playing ranked mode. it was super frustrated because most of the time I got killed by a cheter.

for some people, platinum is nothing, for me it mean alot. I constantly post a cheter on reddit how I got killed by them and for me to even achieve gold medal was pain in the a** especially when you play in SEA servers.

I need to do something to achieve platinum but I am not very good at killing people, how did I do? here some tips.

– I start to ignore my random squad, I begin to trust myself at this point

– I usually draw a line at a plane path when the game begin

– I always land in small compound , because in ranked mode.. all place have good loot!

– Practice in normal mode by going rush, so I can counter enemy in ranked.

– be patient and wait enemy fight each others.

– I do not move to the center of the circle early (bad idea!)

– First thing I do is finding a vehicle instead of loot!

– I study all map and simulate the best position and plan

I heard that PUBG only giving a reward parachute to Diamond, I am very sad.. I don't think I had enough time to reach Diamond at all because it was too hard for me…

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I don't know if I want to continue play anymore because I just reach my dream at this point, if I continue playing I might got killed by cheter and see my point drop back to gold.. 🙁



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