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I Quit, a spender message to Tencent

Content of the article: "I Quit, a spender message to Tencent"

Dear PUBG,

I've been a veteran since season 4. Spent on your game about 18500 USD, yes i did not miss a 0, i've spent about 1.5 million UC in this game. Been playing non-stop and had so much fun. I remember playing with random teamates and we all laughed when we got the chicken dinner.

But the game is not fun anymore. How could it be fun if enemy can claw under paradise resort ( i mean, litterally UNDER it ) to wipe the entire squad like a god ?, how could it be fun if we get headshoted 300m+ away by a freaking beryl ?, and that's not some lucky shots, the entire squad got wiped. How could it be fun if a guy can ddos your entire server ?. Sharpshooter and Cheto existed since season 3 and it's still going ? Lately, you also added report limit, i mean, come on, it looks like you're supporting the cheaters now. I fought the cheaters viciously too, managed to bring down about 50 conquerors, but that's a drop in the ocean.

Some serious changes needs to be disscussed at HQ in order to bring back the joy. Here are some tips:

  1. You can keep the guess mode BUT locks login options for confirmed cheater for a duration ( ie, 1-6 months, this way if a person buy the device later he can still play the game ). Alongs with device and IP ban, this should reduce the number alot.

  2. Open more slots for video reviewer, 15000 reviewers against millions of cheater ? Not so effective.

  3. Better cheating detection, no i'm not talking about the free cheats on Google, kill Sharpshooter and Cheto please. I know it's a mobile game, but it generated 2 billions $, so treat it like a triple A game.

  4. I don't care if you reduce the mythic rate to 0.0001%. If the game is fun and hack-free, spenders will spend. Simple as that. I'm not paying 500$+ per outfit to get killed like a clown 300m+ away by a beryl 2 min into the match.

  5. Harsher punishment overall, match should be terminated when a cheater is found. This will make them frustrated and quit.

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Those are some of my opinions on the current state of PUBG. You promised a new ERA, yet you failed us in this regards. So today, you lost a veteran, and a big spender. I awaits the good news.


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