PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG)

in-game bullying and ruined in-game reputation

I'll try to avoid all restricted topics in this post, not specifying any names and id accounts.

We all playing PUBG mobile to have some fun and release the stress.

Someone is good at this, someone isn't. It's a big community, with discord servers, and social media with millions of followers. I personally love this game and everything about it. All the players who are pushing rank know each other or heard about each other. We are fighting in-game, we might talk trash on all chat on the plane, it all comes down to a gun skill and in-game sense during the match. Outsmart the opponent, control your recoil better by adjusting sensitivities and controls, just to hit those shots. We learn every day and every game just to get a little better. And of course, we all hate cheaters who ruin our game experience. But think of this, how imperfect the system is.

After playing 17 seasons in a row, thousands of matches, countless hours, spending more than 10k for the gun skins and outfits, and working on your reputation – the account got suspended. Out of nowhere, you getting pressured by the entire community saying you cheated and it's confirmed by PUBG.

Creating a new account? change the name? start over? What do you suppose to do? all the opponents you ever fought are cheering and spreading the word on all the discord servers posting your banned picture and you get bullied by hundreds of people.

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Say don't cheat next time? I didn't. NEVER. I know what you all gonna say – oooh look at this cheater crying here blah blah, but don't even running messenger on the background when I play, spec mode is off just to avoid any accusations. When big names streamers getting auto-ban – no one accusing them -they dropping 30 kills a game and no one accusing them of hacking. The Pub partner program sends the info to the developer team, they review case closely and lift the ban. Not-a-streamer can be good at this game as well. It's hard to be bad after 10 000 matches I played.

How come when the system is banning someone but doesn't consider the account history.

How come it's impossible to get any response from customer service – just the auto bot message. (for spending this amount of money on something you won't be able to use)

Facebook posts about how they banned 1,662,734!!!! accounts seem an insult to me, cause one of those accounts is me. And I never cheated. On top of it getting pressured by a community, all nasty comments/direct messages on social media – it's a lot to deal with.

All I'm asking is to review the claim I sent out to customer service – (we all know the system can't be perfect and PUBGMOBILE does its best to fight real cheaters) and maybe create an additional team to review accounts with a certain amount of matches played?

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Why would I even try to reach out if I used any hacks?


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