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Interview with MaD Clan Lash and EEND (Krafton blog)

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– Hello to both of you! Nice to meet you.

Lash (L): Hello. I'm MaD Clan's IGL Lash.

EEND (E): I am the youngest member in the team EEND.

-PCS 5 just ended. It seemed a bit disappointing for you. How was it?

L: Actually, it was a bit hard. Usually we don't miss chances to take the chicken dinner, but we kept falling apart and it was painful. It was tough.

– One could say you were underperforming a bit. What is the reason?

L: In Miramar, our landmark overlapped with MCG. We had much less PGC points than MCG, so we gave up the drop zone and just went into empty areas depending on the plane path. I think we failed to rotate and control our tempo in that process. Our biggest reason of failure was not being able to grab opportunities in Miramar.

– I heard PGC is the first global event for both of you.

L: I could have gone to PGS Berlin last year, but couldn't because of COVID. This is my first time. I'm excited and I want to get the best out of all the hard work we put in the past year.

E: It's my first global, but I want to play it as a veteran and not get nervous. And get good results.

– What is MaD Clan's team color? "We are this kind of team!"

L: I want to say a team with no ups and downs.

E: A team that fights well.

L: Since the change to WWCD, we aimed for plays that give us chicken dinners, so we only fought battles that had to be fought. If it is a fight we need to take, than we do tend to go very aggressive.

-EEND, you are very strong at 1v1. What is your secret?

E: I think you're as good as dead if you don't have confidence. I don't get nervous usually and have a lot of confidence so I think that's why I win most 1v1s.

– Lash, do you also not get nervous usually?

L: I've been a PUBG esports pro for 5 years… I'm a zeroth generation player so I don't get nervous and just have fun. The games are fun.

– Is there a team or player you are looking out for in PGC?

E: PERO's Aixleft. He is really good. I'm cautious of him

L: Inonix in GenG. I think foreign players are all good, but the team we need to overcome the most is GenG, and to do that we have to overcome Inonix.

– Not Pio, but Inonix?

L: I would personally like to win Pio as a fellow IGL… (laugh) but Inonix is teasing me a lot these days. "What are you doing? You think you can come to PGC like that?" So I want to beat him more (laugh)

– How did you become PUBG esports players?

L: When I was 20, I applied to the police for my military duty but failed 3 times. Really bad luck. So I was just doing part-times and PUBG came out. I had so much fun that I quit my part-time. I had 1M won and thought if I spent all of that in the PC bang and still can't become a pro player, I should just go to the army. (laugh) I burned about 980k when I started my pro career. I succeeded with hard work and that's how I came this far.

E: I played PUBG serviced by Kakao when I was in college. People told me that I should go pro since I'm good at it, so I formed an amateur team and went to PKC Open Slot. We even earned a seed but PKL ended so that was a shame. Then, a pro team offered me to join so I was lucky to start my career.

– Lash and EEND, you went through a lot of teams. What is different in MaD Clan?

L: It is my first time online. I was always in a teamhouse, but I'm now participating online so there are pros and cons.

-What are the pros and cons?

E: The pro is that you can play in the comfort of your house. The con is communication. I think there would be more synergy if we meet the coaches in person and form a strategy, so that's unfortunate.

L: Because we are talking online without a teamhouse, I'm actually more cautious of how to speak. We give feedbacks with respect, so we don't get into fights with each other. It's a shame that we can't bond more outside the game.

– You are playing at home, are you all living with your family?

L: Yeah, I live with my mom, dad and older brother.

E: I also live with my mom, dad and younger sister.

-E36 Amonot's mother is famous. Do your families cheer a lot for you when you play?

L: My mom dances in front of my room when she hears me get a chicken dinner (laugh) My room is hot so I keep my door open when I play.

E: My family watches the games in the living room and I can sometimes hear them scream (laugh) They give great reactions.

– How is the mood in MaD?

E: Daeva is a bit childish (laugh) so he keeps the spirit up a lot. If Daeva gets too much, 2tap controls him as the eldest. Lash and I usually laugh in the back.

L: Daeva is the clown. But not a funny one (laugh) He has a clown mind… he's a bit tactless but pure.

– Do you spend time together when there are no games?

L: I played futsal with EEND and Daeva a few times. We all like sports.

E: I went out to eat with Daeva often, but it's a shame that we can't meet as often because of COVID these days.

– You guys don't meet with 2tap?

L: He doesn't come out!

E: He lives in Ilsan, it's close but he won't come out (laugh)

– You said you like sports, what is your hobby?

L: I do indoor surfing from time to time. And bike ride with some friends.

E: I draw when I'm bored. I majored in visual design in college. I draw on my tablet and do hand drawings as well.

– Do you play games other than PUBG?

L: I play some and just come back to PUBG. I used to play Sudden Attack and Overwatch. I like FPS. Ah, I once grinded my life into MapleStory… but now I want it back (laugh)

E: I'm playing a relaxing game called "Cats and Soup". I used to play Kartrider a lot too.

– On a more serious note. What was the most difficult moment in your PUBG pro career?

L: PCS5 was the hardest. I even thought of retiring if we couldn't go to PGC. I turn 25 next year so I need to think of my military service as well. Also, I was going to turn to streaming but I decided to retry the pro path. I really tried hard to use my time like gold this year. No regrets. I thought if I gave it my all and still couldn't make it, then I should quit.

E: For me, every moment was a crisis. I always tried hard, thinking if I don't do well here, it's all over. I'm still at my sweet early 20s (laugh) so I always think of going forward than stopping.

– When was the most valuable moment?

L: When we advanced to PGC this year, that was the happiest moment. It's the first global event that I earned with my own hands so it felt great.

E: I'm going to win PGC so I plan to be happier.

– What is your goal as esports players?

L: When people think of PUBG, I hope every knows of the player named Lash. A proper name. For that I have to perform well.

E: I also want to be remembered for a long time as a very good player.

– Lastly, a word to your fans please.

L: I got a hold of myself and came back to play pro thanks to my fans. Thank you very much and I will try hard to give back that support by getting good results at PGC. I want to win and make everyone cry. Please keep up the support until PGC!

E: I worked hard and got to PGC so I really want to win. Thank you for cheering for us and I promise to keep performing well.


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